Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of January 21 - January 27

Monday, January 21


Tuesday, January 22

Wednesday, January 23

Fire Drill - 10:45 am

Thursday, January 24

AWAKE shirts and jeans

Staff Meeting - 7:30 am - Guest Speaker

Friday, January 25

Staff Gathering - Shawn's Irish Tavern - after school - ?


Thank you:

Mrs. Common, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Lama for the intense, caring work you put in on a daily basis. You care about the students and will help the staff in anyway, it truly shows and is greatly appreciated!


Winter benchmarking will begins this week, make sure the tutors have your booklets. The tutors will hopefully get it all completed that week. With them benchmarking, kids will not be pulled for intervention groups. You will need to give STAR assessments and writing assessments between Jan 21 - Feb. 1. RtI meetings will take place on Feb. 5 for any student in Tier 3, moving to Tier 3 or those that you need assistance in writing RtI plans/goals.

Thursday, January 31 has been set aside for you to meet with the tutors. A schedule of who is meeting during planning time and lunch will be shared in the coming weeks. During this time you should have updated RtI plans and progress to share and discuss with the tutors.

Reminder the 2 hour delay scheduled for February 19 was moved and Board adopted for April 22. Please update your calendars and communicate with families through your newsletters.

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

Curiosity is this month's growth mindset characteristic. We always encourage our students to keep learning, this is just as important for us as adults and educators!

The Pursuit Of Happiness: Never Stop Learning


Humans never stop learning throughout their entire life. Constantly widening your field of knowledge is going to make your life more fulfilling and healthier. These days, getting intoxicated with unnecessary information via social networks and the internet is almost inevitable. That is why it is very important to learn how to stay focused on stuff that is actually positively contributing to our lives (not sure how scrolling through Kylie Jenner profile ever will).

As humans, we are very curious creatures, and drive towards learning new skills and progressing is in the core of our being. It can be a great way to put more meaning into your life and to connect with other people (including yourself). It boosts your confidence in a very healthy way while giving you a sense of self-reliance.

The definition of success is different for every person. While some will find building a career number one priority in their life, some will see true meaning and prioritize partnership and family. Of course, it does not exclude one another, but each one of us has a different definition of fulfillment and happiness. No matter what those definitions are, the main thing that all humans have in common is a desire for progress. And lifelong education in various fields is a number one when it comes to progress.

You are probably wondering what else could you do after you have already earned your diploma, does not education stop there? The question is, is school even really necessary? Short answer, not really. Yes, having a degree is valuable, but only as valuable as the knowledge you have gathered there. Many people go through universities just for the diploma, leaving the process of learning at the bottom of all priorities. And some people have never entered any academic institution, and yet, you could say that they are like an open encyclopedia. Which comes to the point that school and official education are only as important as your will to learn and study.

So, it is time to redefine the life-long learning process. Best time for learning is now, and the best place for it is – here. There are no limitations when it comes to learning, as the whole life serves us as one big learning and experience-gathering process. But for it to have any meaning, the receiver must be receptive and open to the new knowledge. Speaking in practical terms, there are many ways to learn new skills (and/or share them), and here are some of them:

1. Do Not Be Ashamed To Ask For Knowledge

Each one of us has different skills. If you have a colleague, partner, or a friend, who are well into some of the subjects or crafts you are interested in – go for it. Ask them to share it with you! Knowledge is not meant to be vacuumed. It should circulate among people, and we should all learn from each other. If your neighbor is a hobby ceramist, and you have shown interest in that craft – ask them to introduce you to it. You can offer to help them with something that you may be good at. Keep in mind that sharing is caring, big time!

2. Find Your Hobby

This is a great way to start gaining new skills, without actually engaging in official education. Think about what used to be your biggest dream when you were a kid. Was it to be a painter? A veterinarian? Actress? The best part is that you can try it all! Once you start exploring, you will see your interests unwinding. Who knows where it is going to take you.

3. Invest In Yourself

Learning crafts from your neighbor, and taking on new hobbies are great ways to learn new things. But for some things and interests, asking Google or your neighbor is just not going to be enough. Maybe you have always wanted to perfect your English grammar, and take some English classes, or you wanted to learn to work on a sewing machine. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself. It will reciprocate, and you will find yourself much more satisfied with yourself.

Taking a path of knowledge can be a path of solitude – or a path of great fulfillment. In any case, it is not an easy one. But in order to live our best lives, and be our best selves, we have to surrender ourselves to our basic needs – one of the biggest of them being progress.

Do not wait for the New Years Eve as an excuse to write all 2019 resolutions you know, up front, you are not going to fulfill. Take it slowly, but consistently.