Challenge Cook Out & Bonfire

At the Taylor Farm

Join us as we relax and have fun!

For all current Challenge Families and Prospective 2016-17 Challenge Families

Come out and relax by the bonfire! Enjoy a burger or some hot dogs. A great time of food and fellowship for one and all. Bring some yard games and chairs.

Please sign up to bring a side or dessert and your family's favorite beverage.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be provided. If you require something else, please bring it and join us in the fun!

November 7th 4:30pm-9pm

Please RSVP. Come when you are able and stay as long as you can.
RSVP Here!

RSVP and Sides Sign up

First EVER Punkin' Chunkin' Contest

There will be a Punkin' Chunkin' Competition open to all 6th grade and up students.

You may build a trebuchet, catapult or onager capable of hurling a pumpkin to its doom! Recommended resources for build information is Backyard Ballistics or The Art of the Catapult by William Gurstelle

Brief rules below:

  1. Pumpkins must be no less than two pounds and no more than four pounds (about the size of a baseball or softball), and cannot be altered in any way. But may be decorated with paint. Competitors to provide own pumpkins.
  2. Pumpkins must be approved and weighed prior to launch.
  3. The launching device must be no bigger than 512 cubic feet (any dimensions i.e. 8'X8'X8' as long as it does not exceed 512 cubic feet) with throwing arm in resting position as if it were to launch.
  4. The launching counter weight for the launching device must be no larger than 250 lbs.
  5. All machines must be mechanical. No jet propulsion, pressure cannons, etc. allowed.
  6. Must be a free standing machine (no stakes in the ground).
  7. All machines must be inspected before use. Any machine that is declared unsafe will not be allowed to launch.
  8. Devices must launch a projectile no further than 50 yards.
  9. If any damage is done to the property, the team of said projectile will be held accountable for all damages.
  10. Only the operator (one person) will be allowed to launch the projectile.
  11. Each team will be allowed three (3) launches to achieve maximum distance and accuracy from their machine.
  12. At least one member from each team must clean up pumpkin debris.
  13. All machines must be removed from the launch site the same day as Pumpkin Chunkin'.
  14. All machines must stay behind the marked line of fire for a pumpkin chunk to qualify for a good chunk.
  15. The pumpkin must stay in one piece until it hits the ground. Those pumpkins that do not stay in one piece will not count towards scoring.
  16. The machine must have a quick release system to launch the device. The operator (one person) must be at least six (6) feet away from the device in order to launch.


  1. The best of three (3) shots will be scored.
There will be two categories: Distance & Accuracy. With an accuracy of 150 feet from the line of fire to be judged.
  1. Best design will also be judged.

Guaranteed High Powered Fun!