Buckalew Buzz- 20-21 School Year

August 24, 2020

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"Today I choose to BE Kind, Work Hard, and Do My BEst!"

Our school hours are officially 8:00-3:10. Students may arrive as early as 7:30 and will go to their homeroom beginning at that time.

*disclaimer that items published in this newsletter may change due the COVID-19 pandemic*

From Mrs. Price

Happy Monday! I want to encourage you all to watch Dr. Null, Superintendent LIVE tonight at 6pm on YouTube. In his LIVE CISD Updates, Dr. Null provides the "why" behind so many of the decisions being made. If you are unable to watch at 6pm LIVE, it will be recorded and posted immediately following the broadcast.

We are so excited to welcome our in-person kindergarten and first graders on Wednesday! A specific email went out to the parents of in-person kindergarten and first graders earlier today to help clarify specifics for their return this week. Please reference that email if it applies to you. Please note, there has been another mask update as of 8/21 referenced below.

Our parents and guardians are valued partners in our Roadmap to Reopening Plan. In addition to wearing cloth face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, and regular cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces, an essential element in helping slow the spread of COVID-19 at school is each parent’s commitment to screening their child daily for symptoms. Parents are also asked to keep any student exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at home and to notify the campus. Below is a PDF of the current screening process which outlines the symptoms. Please review the information and be sure to keep your child at home if he/she is exhibiting any of the symptoms described. We do not need a printed paper copy of this form at this time. It is a self screening process for parents and guardians to help protect our school year and in person instruction.

Please note that all campuses are closed to visitors at this time to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you must visit a campus, we ask that you screen yourself prior to leaving your home. All visitors that come on a campus/facility will be required to use the Access Intercom system or call the front office from their vehicle. If there is a essential need to be on campus, we will ask that any visitor complete and sign the pdf below. All visitors will be required to sign in using the visitor program. Each visitor will be asked the screening questions. If a “yes” response is given to one of the questions, the visitor will not be able to enter the campus. Parent/teacher conferences, ARDS, 504 meetings etc. will be held virtually or by telephone at this time.

Thank you for helping to keep our school community safe. As stated in the previous Buzz, please help your child's success and our partnership by staying positive, modeling perseverance, and making the best out of a pandemic. While we are all looking for ways to re-create our old normal, our teachers are working tirelessly to make this transition engaging and fun behind a computer screen to each and every child.

For questions or concerns, please make sure to visit CISD's Roadmap to Reopening, call our front office at 281-465-3400, or email contactbuckalew@conroeisd.net

Virtual Hugs,

Mrs. Price

Conroe ISD Live with Dr. Null

Face Mask Update- Updated 8/21

The use of face coverings will be determined from the guidance of various agencies including the Department of State Health Services, the Montgomery County Health Department, and/or executive orders from state and county leaders. At this time, students in grades 3-12, as developmentally appropriate, are required to wear face coverings in all areas, including classrooms, and when social distancing of at least 6 ft. is not possible. Students in grades PreK-2 are asked to wear face coverings. All students (PreK-12) will wear face coverings, as developmentally appropriate and feasible, on buses, during transitions, and in school common areas. This could change depending on future guidance.

Question: Will children whose parents don't want them to wear masks be allowed to participate in Traditional In-Person Instruction? (Updated 8/21)

Students in grades 3-12, as developmentally appropriate, are required to wear a cloth mask/cloth face covering or non-medical grade mask while at school unless they provide a written medical exemption from a physician. Students in grades PreK-2 are asked to wear face coverings. All students (PreK-12) will wear face coverings, as developmentally appropriate and feasible, on buses, during transitions, and in school common areas. The CDC has indicated that it is unknown if face shields provide any benefits as a source control and are not recommended as a substitute for cloth masks/face coverings or non-medical grade masks. However, TEA has indicated that students can wear full-face shields in lieu of masks. Students whose families do not want their child to wear a cloth face mask/cloth face covering, non-medical grade mask, or face shield for any reason other than a medical reason should select the Remote/Online Instruction option for their child.

Buckalew Check List


08/24 - YouTube Live with Dr. Null, Superintendent | 6:00 PM

08/26 - First Day of on Campus Instruction for Face-to-face Students in K and 1st Grade

District-Wide Ramp Up 2-12 is as follows:

08/31 - On Campus Instruction for Face-to-face Students (2nd-4th) with Last Names beginning with A - C


09/01 - On Campus Instruction for Face-to-face Students (2nd-4th) with Last Names beginning with D - J

09/02 - On Campus Instruction for Face-to-face Students (2nd-4th) with Last Names beginning with K - Q

09/03 - On Campus Instruction for Face-to-face Students (2nd-4th) with Last Names beginning with R - Z

09/04 - Online Instruction for all students in Grades 2-4 only.

09/07 - Labor Day Holiday

09/08 - Face-to-face Instruction Begins for Second, Third, and Fourth Grades


10/09 - Student Holiday

10/12 - Holiday

10/13 - Second Nine Weeks Begins

Back to School Ramp Up Plan-see PDF below

The CISD Task force created the following "Ramp Up" plan k-12 to include a Back to School Schedule prior to September 8th. The Ramp Up plan is to practice bus routines, breakfast and lunch routines, arrival and dismissal routines and other campus systems prior to having all in-person students on campus September 8th. See the PDF below.
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Is August 26th the first day for my kindergartener and/or first grader in-person learning for the year? If you selected in person, your child in kindergarten and 1st grade will start for the year August 26, for the full duration of the year.

For 2-4 grade Aug 31-September 3 who selected in person instruction:

Are they going to school every day of the week? No, only on their assigned alphabet for the day. They will start full time September 8th. Please refer to the PDF above. This is consistent with the entire district 2-12.

Why is everyone starting at a different time? The CISD task force determined this is a "ramp up" for all new practices from transportation, breakfast and lunch, and for arrival and dismissal to put safe practices in place before having all students back on campus.

Is my child just going to school the one day for their “last name starts with A”?

Is that the day they return to school for the year? If your last name starts with "A", and you selected in person instruction, and you are a 2nd to 4th grader, they will only attend on August 31 for the entire day. They will return full-time on September 8th. This is consistent with the entire district 2-12.

How will lunch work? Lunches differ depending on each grade level. Students will either eat in the cafeteria or among 2 classrooms spread 6 feet apart.

How will library and specials work as far as social distancing? At a level 3, students are not able to check out books as they have in the past. All specials classes will host only homeroom classes and will not co-mingle classes within the first 9 weeks. Each specials class will social distance as much as instructionally possible and bring art supplies from their homeroom with them to art classes.

Please Visit the Roadmap to Reopening as Updates are provided regularly

The content on the Roadmap to Reopening webpage is designed to provide information relevant for the 2020-2021 school year. The details on this page are subject to change as we receive guidance from the Texas Education Agency, Governor’s Office, and State and local officials. Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

Click below for FAQ's

Technology Devices Checked out to In Person Students

If you checked out a device from our campus and your student is returning in person, we want you to hang onto the device until further notice. We hope to collect most devices at the end of the nine week grading period.

Arrival and Dismissal Information **New for 2020-21**


The school doors will open at 7:30, and students will report to their homeroom classes. We will not have Active Start this first 9 weeks. We will have an abundant amount of staff at all of our doors and hallways to assist our students as they navigate to their classrooms. We have also spread our entrances out to increase social distancing upon arrival for biker walkers and car riders.

Bikers and walkers: Kinder and 1st Grade Bikers and walkers will enter through the doors outside of our Biker Walker gate facing Alden Bridge. Our 2nd through 4th graders will enter through the bike rack and through the gym doors. (staff will assist) We ask that all parents wear masks on school property and socially distance themselves. Leaving when your child is en route to the doors will help the crowd at biker walker entrances. If this becomes too crowded, we encourage you to use our car rider drive for both pick up and drop off.

Parents will not be allowed inside the back racks. We will have staff to assist.

Car Riders:
Car riders will follow the traffic flow. Kinder through 2nd grade will enter the main doors by the gymnasium. 3rd and 4th graders will enter the doors directly off their grade level hallways. Staff will be outside and in hallways to assist all children.


As we assess our dismissal routines adjusted for COVID-19 and to start the year, we will begin dismissing our car riders at 2:30, and our bikers and walkers at 2:45.

Car Rider-

We are beginning a new car rider dismissal process this year. All students will be given a transportation sign with a bar code on their first day of school. In order to pick up your child in the car rider line, you will keep this sign in your car. This tag must be displayed in the passenger side window with the bar code showing. If you are picking up multiple children, please layer the signs so that each bar code can be seen. Once your transportation sign is scanned, you will be assigned a number and your child will come to the sign with that number. If you do not have a sign with a bar code, you will be asked to pull around to the front parking so we can assist you further with signage.

Biker Walker

We will be staggering the dismissal times in order to allow for social distancing and to avoid large groups of people on the sidewalk along Alden Bridge. Please maintain social distancing and we encourage the use of a mask as you wait for your children to be dismissed. If you are uncomfortable with the crowding of biker/walker, we encourage you to utilize the car rider line.

  • 4th grade TBD
  • 3rd Grade TBD
  • 2nd Grade TBD
  • 1st Grade 2:45
  • Kindergarten- must connect with a parent/guardian | 2:45

Please be patient as we work through the newness of our dismissal process this year. We have put a number of mitigation strategies in place to minimize any potential exposure to COVID-19. We do not have a firm grasps on how many children will arrive or be dismissed through the car line at this time. Our staff is working to ensure that your child goes home safely and as quickly as possible.

Medication Administration and Covid-19

If your child will be attending school in-person, medication that is necessary for the student’s optimum health as well as maintain maximum school performance can be administered at school by the nurse or other trained personnel. Since access to each campus is restricted because of our Covid-19 protocol, parents that need to bring in medications for their child should call Nurse Eudy at 281-465-3409 and set up an appointment.

Online Curriculum Access Videos – IMPORTANT UPDATES

Online Curriculum Access Videos

Students in grades PreK-2 will use Seesaw for courses and assignments, and students in grades 3-12 will use Canvas. Please see the videos below to learn about accessing these systems.

3rd & 4th Grade - Canvas Parent Notifications

Are you receiving too many Canvas email notifications? Watch this video to learn how to manage your account. HERE

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Buckalew Intermittent/Remote/Online Schedule-August 17 and beyond

We have worked extremely hard as a staff to build a schedule for parents to know when to anticipate live instruction meetings for their students. This may get changed as we work through the logistics of teaching in person and online, but our schedule below mirrors our in-person daily schedule. We are anticipating our students return in-person, and are trying to maintain consistency for our parents and teachers through intermittent and online platforms, all while keeping both structures in place. This schedule will begin the week of August 17.

Each Friday a weekly schedule with daily task lists will go out from your child’s homeroom teacher through Seesaw (k-2) or Canvas (3-4). Parents, you can alter the schedule to meet your family needs as long as tasks are completed and your student is engaged each day. Students are not required to participate in Live Instruction times below, but are encouraged to attend. Lessons will be recorded and available in k-2 Seesaw or 3-4 Canvas course. Each of our grade level teachers are reaching out to each of you to conduct parent conferences to understand how we can best support each of our families at this time.

Buckalew will follow CISD’s Roadmap to Reopening Guidelines and will structure the students’ Remote/Online Instruction and Intermittent Remote Learning schedule to require students to participate in an asynchronous model that will include synchronous learning. This schedule is subject to change as are the details. For questions, please visit the Roadmap to Reopening FAQ’s or contactbuckalew@conroeisd.net

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++++Live Office Hours will be through a zoom link provided by your homeroom/switch teacher. The teachers will be able to troubleshoot and clarify any grade/class specific questions.

Conroe isd public wifi access points

The district has provided WiFi access points at centrally located campuses so that parents and students can access the Internet from the school's parking lot. The closest schools to Buckalew are The Woodlands High School, The Woodlands High School-9th grade campus, and McCullough. You can access the Internet using the "cisd-guest" network.

Food Distribution at Buckalew starting August 13th

Beginning Thursday, August 13, curbside meals will no longer be free for all students. Breakfast and lunch meals will be available curbside for students to purchase or free to students who qualify.

  • Families are asked to pick up/purchase meals for all of their children at the campus of their oldest child.
  • Meals will be available curbside at all campuses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM - 12 PM.
  • Multiple meals will be distributed at a time.
    • Tuesday: 2 breakfast meals/2 lunch meals
    • Thursday: 3 breakfast meals/3 lunch meals
  • A student meal card must be presented to scan and identify the student when meals are picked up.
    • This card is located in Parent Access and can be printed on paper or presented electronically on a phone.
  • Any change from a cash transaction will be applied to the student's meal account.
  • Pre-payments can be made at www.myschoolbucks.com.
  • Meal prices and the free and reduced meal application are available on the Child Nutrition website.

Questions? Please contact the Child Nutrition Department at (936) 709-8185.

Breakfast and Lunch Available

Please note that the Buckalew cafeteria is open for the students that are atteding in person. For those attending remote, please see the food distribution calendar. The in person lunch menu is in the link below

Water Donations

We are excited to announce that our water fountains will be retrofitted to refill student water bottles! In the meantime, we are in need of bottled water to refill our student bottles. Please feel free to donate cases of water to our front office. Thank you for your support.

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Enrichment/After School

At this time we are focusing on our gaining momentum and in person instruction, safety, and getting into our :new normal" school day routines. We will re-evaluate hosting any enrichment after school opportunities after the first 9 weeks. Our goal of minimizing exposures and contact is our focus at this time.

Important Transportation Information

Thank you for all the patience and support that you have given the CISD Transportation Team over the years. Driving a school bus takes dedicated and caring employees that love their students and are thrilled to be making a positive difference in student's lives. Our school bus drivers and monitors have been conducting practice runs in order to make the start of school as safe and smooth as possible, and we thank those of you who have contacted us with kind words about seeing buses rolling again.

We are seeing a number of students that have signed up for remote learning and we are adjusting routes when and where possible.

The current environment is creating a shortage of school bus drivers for this upcoming school year so we are asking for your help and consideration in a couple of ways:

  • If your child is scheduled to attend campus instruction in person and you plan on driving them, we are asking you to please visit our website at https://www.conroeisd.net/transportation/ and select the Register for Transportation link:
    • This link will take you to https://apps.conroeisd.net/AlternativeTransportation/
      • Please select "No" for transportation.
      • This will make your child inactive for transportation services.
      • Parent/Guardians can always go back in and change it to "Yes" at any time if your child needs to start riding the bus again.
      • Making your child inactive for transportation services helps us better identify which students will be using buses thus allowing us to be even more efficient with our routes, keeping numbers as small as possible per run, and assists in managing our current driver shortage.
      • This will also enable us to be more responsive to calls since we have to rely on certified office staff to drive when faced with bus driver shortages.
      • Please note in advance to complete any of these online requests please have your child's C.I.S.D. student I.D. number and birth date available before starting the process.
    • Should your child be attending in-person instruction and you plan for them to ride the bus, we are asking you to please visit Register for Transportation and check Yes again to ensure we have your child selected for a route.

For complete information on bus transportation, including bus numbers and stop times, please visit https://www.conroeisd.net/transportation/ .

If you are new to C.I.S.D. this fall it is required to sign your child up for transportation. This can be done by accessing https://apps.conroeisd.net/AlternativeTransportation/ .

Connect with Buckalew's PTO!

The purpose of the PTO is to: (a) promote the welfare of children at Buckalew; (b) to foster cooperation between parents and teachers in the education of children at Buckalew; (c) to unite school and community efforts in securing for all children the best education; (d) to engage in fundraising activities for the educational and recreational benefit of Buckalew, its children, teachers, and staff as determined by the PTO and in accordance with the PTO by-laws.

President- Paige Perry

VP Fundraising- Amy Kemp

VP Parent Involvement- Heather Lozinak

VP Communications- Jackie Berry

Treasurer- Elizabeth Kutka

Secretary- Janelle Ray

Parliamentarian- Natalie Ha


This year’s yearbook will be one for the history books. Although it will be a unique challenge to capture the story of the year and the students of our school, we are so excited to get started! That’s where you come in. Parents, students and members of our community can all be a part of the yearbook this year by emailing us photos at yearbook.buckalewpto@gmail.com Please include the student's names, grade, and teacher.

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Buckalew Elementary PTO Membership 2020-2021

The Buckalew Elementary PTO plays an important role in providing funds and support to our school. With your help, we are able to supply our staff and students with computer technology (Brain Pop, Dreambox & Razzkids), field trips, flexible classroom seating, library enhancements, author visits, literacy program enhancements, staff development programs, school beautification, teacher appreciation luncheons, and school security enhancements.

We Cannot Do It Without Your Support!

The Buckalew PTO membership is a family membership (1 per family) and costs $25.

Your membership will include one copy of the student directory and 1 Buckalew Elementary Car Decal.

To purchase your membership online:

1. Go to www.buckalewspiritstore.com

2. Click on Buckalew PTO Membership to add to cart

Thank you!

Buckalew Elementary PTO

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Download the app on your mobile device today and select ‘yes’ to receive push notifications with the latest news and updates from the District.

Key Features:

  • Push Notifications - Select ‘yes’ when you download the app to receive the latest push notifications from the District.
  • Calendar Events - Add events to the calendar on your personal mobile device directly from the calendar section on the app.
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Woodland High School Feeder Shirt

TWHS feeder shirt can be purchased on the following link.


School Messenger

All SMS messages received from the Conroe ISD District Office and your child's campus will begin with "Conroe ISD:" and come from the subscribe code 67587. If you have not yet opted-in to receive SMS messages, you can do so at any time throughout the school year by texting "Y" to 67587.

Parent Access Login

By logging into Parent Access, you can check your child's grades, assignments, and attendance.

To access your child’s information online you must register for an account.

Please go to the following link and follow the directions below:


Click the “Student/Parent” tab

Click on “Parent Access Center”

Click “Register”

Give the Gift of a TAE (Teacher Achieving Excellence)

Log Into "Parent Access" by clicking:


and click on the "Teachers/Staff Excellence" Tab.

Feel free to type your own message and send any staff a positive message!

Exciting News from a Former Buckalew Bear- Zoe Yu

Zoe Yu was a Buckalew Bear from 2010-2015. Currently she is a sophomore at the Academy and Science Technology program in TWCP.

Zoe has loved reading and writing since she was small. With Ms. Jameson's encouragement and help finding her more books to read, Zoe got 1st Outstanding Reader Award (1512 AR points) when she graduated from Buckalew. Since then, she's had a dream to write books that would inspire early childhood reading.

Now we have exciting news to share with all Buckalew families! Zoe was able to complete her first book all by herself during quarantine. The book is now published on Amazon.

Way to go Zoe!

20-21 Calendar for your planning purposes

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Hi Buckalew Bears! I'm Mrs. Points, your school counselor. With each Buzz, I will have resources to support the social and emotional learning of our students. If your family has a specific need you would like to contact me about, please don't hesitate to email me at kpoints@conroeisd.net.

Starting in September, I will be offering small group counseling for students. This year, both socially distanced in-person groups and virtual Zoom groups will be offered. If you are interested in your child participating in a fall group, please fill out the below Google Form by August 28th:


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Is your child feeling irritable or anxious?

Here are some techniques you and your child can use when emotions heat up.
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  • August 26, 2020
    Dacus Baptist Church Mobile Pantry
    5403 North FM 1486 Rd, Montgomery, TX 77356
    Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.

  • August 27, 2020
  • The Abundant Harvest Kitchen w/ Texas Familias Council
    19121 Kings Row, New Caney, TX 77357
    Thursday, 6:00 p.m.

  • August 29, 2020
  • Church Project
    602 Pruitt Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77380
    Saturday, 10:00 a.m.
  • The Conroe Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding these non-discrimination policies: Title IX Coordinator, 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, Texas 77304; (936)-709-7700 and the Section 504/ADA Coordinator, 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, Texas 77304; (936) 709-7670.