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Never Grow Up, Inc. Employee Newsletter

DW's Vision: Interview with the NGU CEO

1.) What do you want to be when you grow up?

2.) What “did” you want to be when you were growing up, before you became an overgrown kid?

3.) Why do you do what you do every day?

4.) How long have you been in the child care business?

5.) What professions were you involved in before?

6.) How long have you been in the working world?

7.) What’s your favorite pastime?

8.) What brought you into this profession?

9.) Why did you select this NGU Vision? Where does it come from?

10.) what makes you tick?

11.) What makes you happy?

12.) Are you married?

13.) Kids?

14.) Pets?

15.) Hobbies?

Who's On First?

In this section, we are introducing you to our NGU Management Team

Molly Bahre is responsible for.... at our company....

The Academy Preschools in Nashville TN

Our Awesome NGU Family

Lesley's HOT TOPIC

Our COO, Lesley Hosford, will use this space to talk about the HOT TOPIC of the Quarter!

We are going to go over a few "hot topics" Lesley has been on for the last few months. Check them out for useful tips on how to channel your inner teacher and let her shine in the best way!

Playing Dress Up At Work

  • Uniform t-shirts must be worn with khaki or black slacks.
  • Shorts/Skorts should be 2" above the knee.Closed toed shoes.
  • Remember to look your best!
  • Uniforms shirts should be in good shape (no bleach spills or holes)
  • Bottoms should be in good shape as well.
  • If you bottoms have belt loops than you should have a belt with it
  • A tank top under the uniform shirt works good to keep midriff and back.

The Goldy-Locks Bottle -- Not too Hot, Not too Cold...

  • Bottle warmers set on lowest setting: The bottle warmers should be set on the lowest setting at all times.
  • Never hold a child when using the warmer.
  • Keep in mind we had a recall on the Tommy Tippee devices, all of which should have been removed from your classrooms.
  • You can also heat a bottle of milk by letting it sit _____ minutes in hot water.

Empower Yourself to Enhance!

Teachers are empowered to create center enhancements. Ideas include: additional themes for dramatic play, accessories for other centers, home made items, toys to rotate for theme or season.

WHO does that!?

In this section, we are giving a shout out to all of the wonderful NGU employees who are caught in the act!

Did You KNOW?! We have TADPOLES!

We have been phasing into TADPOLES, one of the greatest communication tools for parents. Basically, this app is used to optimize safety and communication amongst teachers and parents, directors and teachers, as well as directors and families. The more you know, the more you GROW! This section is for fun facts for NGU employees!

Name to Face recognition is something that is mandated by the state of Tennessee and Department of Human Services, DHS. This method will prevent a lapse in supervision. It is vital to use this method anytime a child crosses a threshold. No child should ever be unattended. Building and maintaining a routine when moving children from one area to another will help to ensure the name/face recognition is successful.

(Need a photo of Sabrina at AoCS doing it)

Keeping our families involved with the school has always been a priority of ours. The Tadpoles Program will allow our teachers to capture special moments, take photos, and videos of the children in action as well as send you classroom information.

What does this mean? It means no more paper will be sent home. Instead you’ll be sending daily reports and notes right to a parent's email inbox! Each classroom will be equipped with an iPad which will be specifically used for the Tadpoles program only. If you see a teacher on what looks like a phone, rest assured, they are not, as per school policy---no cell phones in the classrooms! The devices are locked down so the teachers do not have access to the internet.

We consider all information captured using Tadpoles to be a private communication between our school and our families. No personal information is shared with any external parties and as a parent you will only receive information specifically about your child.

We will be using the email address we have on file to communicate via the Tadpoles program. Please let us know if that should be updated.

We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this exciting program!

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Academy Preschools Interview Questions

Check Out Our Newest ACAD GRAD Superstar!

Garrett, six-year-old son of Lauren Demain, Director of the Academy of Maryland Farms interrogates future Academy/Holly Tree prospects with grilling questions --
How do you feel about the Hokey Pokey?

This video was made to promote our Never Grow Up, Inc. Job Fair (May 14) at the Academy of Seaboard Lane.