The Tohickon Golden Eagle

October 2017

A Great Start to the Year!

Dear Tohickon Families,

We are off to a great start at Tohickon! The month of September was full of events to begin the year. Our Emergency Personnel Assembly, Back-to-School Nights, Magazine Drive Assemblies, Picture Day and Student-Teacher Flag Football Game were among the events that filled the month. Additionally, we began the year with a new schedule. Students and staff spent the first weeks of school getting used to new routines, new courses and new procedures.

The month of October will hold several events as well. Celebrate Education Week will be during the second week of the month. Highlights during the week will include Dr. Mackensen's Lab Night on Tuesday, October 10th from 3:00 to 8:00 PM and an Eighth Grade Breakfast in the library on Wednesday morning. During the third week, we will be having our Parent Council Meeting, the Fall Recognition Assembly and the Team Infinity Bike Drive. The last big event of the month is the Halloween Dance, which will take place Friday, October 27th.

As September comes to a close, I want to remind parents how important it is to maintain an open line of communication between the home and school. It is a top priority to make sure that all of our students are happy, comfortable and excited to come to school everyday! If you should have any important information to share or any concerns, please contact us at 267-893-3300. I hope that you have a wonderful month!


Mr. Kevin Marton, Principal

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The month of October has arrived. There are several upcoming events that students and parents should be aware of. The events for the month of October are as follows:

October 6th

-National Lee Denim Day - Spirit Day at Tohickon

-MS Band Concert at CB West beginning at 4:00 PM

October 9th through 13th
-Celebrate Education Week - Parents/guardians are invited to attend classes in all grades. Team Activities include:

-Grade 8 Breakfast from 7:00 - 7:20 AM on Wednesday, October 11th (Library)

-Grade 7 Breakfast from 7:00 - 7:20 AM on Thursday, October 12th (Library)

October 10th
-Lab Night at Tohickon - Dr. Mackensen will host this event from 3:00 to 8:00 PM in room 315.

October 18th

-Sewing Club 2:30-4:00 PM

October 19th

-Parent Council Meeting at 9:00 AM in the Tohickon Library.

-Evening Concert at Lenape MS for CB middle school students.

October 21st

-Pedals for Progress Bike Drive - Noon until 3:00 PM in the Tohickon Parking Lot

October 25th

-Sewing Club 2:30-4:00 PM

October 27th

-Halloween Dance 7:30-9:30 PM



Team Summit is off to a great start this school year! The teachers collaborated with the staff from the YMCA and created an afternoon of team building activities. Students worked together to solve problems and communicate their ideas. Some of the activities were a game called Titanic, where the kids needed to get their whole group to the other side without “falling” in the water. Other activities included a human knot, and human foosball. Students and teachers had a great afternoon!

In the classrooms, students have been working hard and adjusting to middle school. Pictured here are students from Mr. Harris’s English class. They are writing responses to one of their summer reading books, using our team laptops. We are all looking forward to a terrific school year on Team Summit!


This month in Advisory, as a bonding to school activity, groups developed class names and decorated posters to be displayed outside each classroom!

Team News: This month, Team Infinity students will be preparing for our upcoming Pedals for Progress Bike Drive! Pedals for Progress is a non-profit organization that collects used, unwanted bicycles and keeps them out of landfills by giving them to impoverished people around the world who are in need of a primary means of transportation. Social studies classes will be conducting research on the countries that are partnered with Pedals for Progress. Through their research, the students will develop an understanding of the need for the bikes in the different impoverished areas. The students will showcase their findings on posters. In ELA B classes, students will design flyers advertising the drive to hang or distribute throughout the community. Our hope is that the students will feel rewarded for their efforts when they see the bikes being donated at the drive! The drive is scheduled for Saturday, October 21st, from 12-3 pm. Any child or adult bike in repairable condition will be accepted; a $10 donation is requested with each bike to help cover shipping costs. We will also be collecting used sewing machines at the drive! Please help us spread the word about the drive! Our goal is 100 bikes! For more information on Pedals for Progress, please visit their website at

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The school year is off to a great start for Team Expedition. Students have specifically been enjoying the new Advisory period. This period is dedicated to a specific theme each month. This week’s advisory theme is Bonding with School. Students have participated in a variety of activities, from get to know you activities to friendly competitions amongst classes. One activity even featured a school wide Kahoot challenge.

Students in Science class are working through the periodic table, while tackling early colonies and geography in Social Studies and reading either The Outsiders or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in English.


Team Odyssey is off to a great start this school year! Students are getting to know their new teachers and settling in to new routines. There has been a lot of excitement about the new middle school schedule and the kids seem to be enjoying the changes. Students on Team Odyssey recently competed in an element challenge. Pictured here are the three winners. These three students knew the names and element symbols of all 118 elements on the Periodic Table. Amazing! At the element challenge finals students also enjoyed a science costume contest. Two students on the team also sang element songs. We hope to have events like this throughout the year to add some interest and excitement to what students are learning in eighth grade here at Tohickon Middle School.


A big thank you from the ninth-grade team to the parents who attended Back-to-School Night. We enjoyed meeting you and sharing our vision for the 2017-2018 school year with you.

Remember that ninth grade is included in your child’s college transcript. Since most students will apply to and/or hear from at least one college by December of their senior year, colleges are evaluating applicants on their performance in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. This puts even more importance on ninth-grade achievement.

We are working hard to get your child off to a good start in his or her high-school career. Each of us is dedicated to helping our students succeed. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Celebrate Education Week

Celebrate Education Week will be held beginning on Monday, October 9th. Parents/guardians are invited to visit their child’s classroom during this week and attend team activities. Please look for information from your child’s academic team for specific activities, times and dates as Celebrate Education Week approaches.

Tohickon Athletic Update

Tohickon will be offering the following Winter Athletics this year:
• 7th Grade Girls Basketball (Begins Nov. 6th and runs until Dec. 20th)
• Varsity Girls Basketball (7th and 8th grade) (Begins Nov. 6th and runs until Jan. 8th)
• 9th Grade Girls Basketball (Begins Nov. 30th and runs until Feb. 1st.)
• 7th Grade Boys Basketball (Begins Jan. 16th and runs until Mar. 2nd)
• Varsity Boys Basketball (7th and 8th grade) (Begins Jan 16th and runs until March 9th)
• 9th Grade Boys Basketball (Begins Nov. 30th and runs until Feb. 1st)
• Wrestling (Begins Nov. 13th and runs until Feb. 2nd)
• Cheerleading (Begin and end dates to be determined following fall season)

Additionally, 9th Grade student who desires to play basketball at one of the high schools will have the opportunity to tryout at CB East & West for their Varsity or J.V. teams.

In order to participate in a sport at Tohickon, the following needs to be done prior to tryouts:
• Register for child's desired sport via Family ID on the Tohickon Website under Athletics
• Hand in section 5 and 6 of the PIAA physical if your child did not play a fall sport. This needs to be dated after June 1, 2017. If they did play a fall sport, section 7 of the PIAA physical needs to be completed and handed in.

All physicals can be handed in to Mr. Costello in Room 122 or emailed directly to Physicals will not be accepted at tryouts; they need to be handed in at least three days before tryouts.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Costello ( if you have any questions or concerns.

Share Good News About Tohickon Students!

Tohickon Students achieve amazing things and make a difference in school and in the community. Share your story about the accomplishments and good work of a Tohickon student with Mr. Marton at so that he may highlight this good news in an upcoming edition of the Tohickon Golden Eagle online newsletter.

Boxs Tops for Education

Our first Box Tops for Education submission is due at the end of the month, so Tohickon Middle School is holding a Box-Tops Collection Challenge. The Advisory class with the highest value of box tops collected by Wednesday, October 18th will win a breakfast treat for the entire group. Please send box tops to school in a clear plastic bag or envelope with your child’s name, grade, and advisory classroom number on it, by October 18th. Thank you for supporting our school!

Dr. Mackensen's Autumn Lab Night

During Celebrate Education Week, on October 10th, Dr. Mackensen's Team Summit science classes will host their annual Autumn Lab Open House. Parents of Dr. Mackensen's students will come to their children's science classroom and get right to work with triple beam balances, beakers, graduated cylinders, and density experiments. Most parents will bring their son or daughter to be their personal mentor for these skills; student volunteers will work with parents whose son or daughter is unable to come. Hours for the event are 3:00 - 8:00 PM, and families can stop at any time. Duration of the visit can range from fifteen minutes to an hour or two. Dr. Mackensen and his students are excitedly looking forward to Lab Night, and are hoping for a big turn out!


General Information about After School Clubs

In order for clubs to run, a teacher must be willing to sponsor the club after school and there must be a reasonable level of student interest. For these reasons, Tohickon clubs may be different from year to year. Throughout the year, Tohickon expects to be running the following clubs:

Diversity Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Fox

Art Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Bongiorno

Math Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Bellavance and Mrs. Rissing

Sewing Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Furfari

Iron Chef Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Furfari

Garden Club (Seasonal) - Sponsored by Mr. Neely

Orchestra Enrichment Club - Sponsored by Mrs. Repper

Band Enrichment Club - Sponsored by Mrs. McGahey

If you are interested in joining one of the clubs at Tohickon or have any questions, please see the club's sponsor in order to sign up.

From the Nurse's Office

This is a reminder for all parents to go online and complete the Student Emergency Form through the parent portal, if you have not already done so. It must be completed every new school year. This will take approximately 5-10 minutes of your time and it is recommended you do this through a laptop or desktop computer. You can update demographics, health conditions, emergency contacts and may give permission for the administration of an analgesic (Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen) while your child is in school. Once you have completed the forms you will receive an email confirmation from the district. If you do not receive an email confirmation it was received then there is a good chance you did not hit submit at the end, so please log back on to confirm.

Also, your child may bring their own personal supply of cough drops to school. They do not need to be kept in the health office.

Notice for all 7th Grade students

The Pennsylvania State Mandated Dentals are due by October 15, 2017. This is a requirement for all current 7th grade students. The dental exam may be dated any time after September 1, 2016. Please send in to the attention of the school nurse.

Please feel free to call the health office at 267-893-3315 or email the school nurse, Sheila Kelly @ with any questions.


Johns Hopkins University – Center for Talented Youth Program

Information on the Center for Talented Youth program (CTY) at Johns Hopkins University is available online. Please check the Johns Hopkins website at To qualify for the CTY Talent search, students must be in 7th or 8th grade and must have scored Advanced on the PSSA or in the 97th percentile or above in a single area (mathematics, verbal or composite score) on a nationally normed aptitude or achievement test. Applications will be available in the guidance office in the fall.

Discussion Groups

This year the school counselors at Tohickon Middle School will conduct discussion groups with the student body. These groups usually consist of six to eight students under the supervision of one of the counselors. Some discussion groups are facilitated in conjunction with the school psychologist or a certified counselor from a community agency.

Discussion groups are confidential in nature and are intended to help the youngsters cope with everyday situations. Participation in a group is on a voluntary basis. These groups are not therapeutic. Topics discussed may include study skills, divorce, bullying, anger management, adjusting to a family move, peer pressures, alcoholic tendencies in family dynamics, better communication with parents, etc.

Groups are open to all students. If you do not want your child to participate in such discussion groups or if you would like your child to participate in a particular group, please call the guidance office at 267-893-3310 and inform us of your wishes.