Scientific Revolution

By: Jose C. 2nd

What was the change?

People changed their perspective about how they see things. They went from a religious perspective to more of a scientific point of view. It changed the people's view of the universe. Astronomy wise, Culture wise, and Scientific wise.

Who where the People associated with the change?


A German mathematician and astronomer who proved Copernicus's theory that the planets orbited around the sun. Which is also know as Heliocentric. He also later on published Laws of Planetary Motion.

How did the change impact society at the time?

The Scientific discoveries of the time seemed to contradict the bible. This created a schism between the followers of science and those who had religious beliefs. But the scientific revolution lead to many new inventions which helped improved the economy. Also the scientific method was developed during this time period. Which is a 3 step process. And that is still used today.

How is that change evidence in today's modern society

The earth is not the center of the universe, the sun is. And Galileo used his skills as a writer to popularize the idea of the sun-centered universe.
The laws of motion. which was developed by Issac Newton during the scientific revolution
Accurately demonstrating how blood circulates though the body, which was proven by William Harvey during the scientific revolution. And finally the scientific method which was created during the scientific revolution.