CMB's public school

Help us build the new and improved school


Hi there we are the CMB's and we need your help in the investment of our school called C.M.B public school. We are hoping to get the peel district school board to approve are new and advanced school !!!

Head Staff members

Why you should choose are school?

Firstly in are school we have a 21 first century technology. This makes it so your children have a more enjoyably time learning. We also do a lot of one on one learning with the kids. We find that kids progress more in this type of learning. Lastly we always encourage children to go above and beyond not just in school but in life!

Why are we special?

Our school is special because we are the only school with a food court, where students can pay for a balanced meal. The second reason is that we have special programs for students like the Art's program to help ONLY the students who want to learn art. we have Slab for students interested in design and technology. Finally , we encourage physical activity so students will always go outside for a set amount of time.