About the Artist

Elizabeth M. Cullen

Her Story

She was born in Kittanning, Pennsylvania on June 12, 1999. She was born with the name Mikaela Rae Cullen but shortly after her middle name became Mikaela and her first name became Elizabeth. She was born on a beef cattle farm with her family. She has five brothers, Ryan, Jason, Daniel, Noah and Jeremiah and four sisters, Alicia, Anna, Sarah and Leah. Ryan, Jason and Alicia are her half-siblings. When she was five she moved to Roundup Montana. Shortly after her sixth birthday, around father’s day her and her family went on a day trip to the Madison River. While they were there Elizabeth was playing around a bunch of rocks and she stepped on a rattle snake. She went on her second helicopter ride, the first being right after she was born, when she flew to Billings Montana. She spent a week in the hospital and then went home. When she was seven she moved to Anaconda, Montana. She made good friends there and learned how to ski, which is now one of her favorite sports. She moved again though in 2012 to a dairy farm in West Union, Iowa and she lives there today.

Her Favorite Songs:

Oath, as long as you love me, all around the world, don’t You worry child, you belong with me, die young, begin again, better than revenge, boyfriend, daylight, one more night, stutter, enchanted, eenie meenie, good time, holy ground, stay, stay, stay, i knew you were trouble, little things, never gonna leave this bed and 22.

Random Facts:

Who Is she?

Name: Elizabeth Cullen

Age: 13

Birthday: June 12, 1999

Location: West Union, IA

Favorite Book: The Twilight Saga

Favorite Movie: Up

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Sport: Skiing

Favorite Colors: Purple and Pink

Favorite Activity: Music

Favorite Store: Aeropostale

Favorite Quote: Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend,

-Albert Camus