News from Maple Place

Giving Thanks

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, let us all take a moment to think about what we are thankful for in our lives...our families, our friends, our homes and the love that surrounds us. Even though there are times that we may question why things happen, especially during the last year and a half's pandemic, there are still so many things to show appreciation for in our lives. I personally would like to express my gratitude to be welcomed as a part of the Oceanport School District and more importantly to be surrounded by such an outstanding staff who works so hard everyday to ensure that your children receive an incredible academic foundation and do so in a loving and caring environment. They rock! And you, the Maple Place families...thank you for all you do to support us on a daily basis. Together we do great things!

Congratulations to our Veteran's Day Essay Winners!

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8th Grade

Augie Zilincar

A very big congratulations to our overall winner, Augie Zilincar. Augie wrote about his grandfather's experience during World War 2. Great job Augie!!! Thank you to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our great country.

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Charger Champions

Congratulations to our most recent Charger Champions. These students have modeled great citizenship amongst their peers.

News from the Nurse

It’s that time of the year again- flu season. As family and friends are gathering for the holidays, flu activity is increasing. Get a flu vaccine now if you have not gotten vaccinated yet this season.

There are many reasons to get a flu shot. Flu vaccination can reduce your risk of flu illness, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu. Even if you are vaccinated and still get sick, flu vaccine can reduce the severity of your illness.

Influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory illnesses. Because some of the symptoms of flu and other respiratory illnesses are similar, the difference between them cannot be based on symptoms alone. Testing is needed to tell what the illness is and to confirm a diagnosis.

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Safety News from Security

If visiting our school or picking up your child, please bring your driver’s license with you. While I am getting to know most of you, I may not be the person signing your child out, so please be prepared with your license.

Thank you all so much for cooperating with our “in the loop” drop off and pick up procedures. It is so much safer for the kids. Please however, stay off your phones while in the area of the school bus loop. Remember there is nothing so important on any of those phones worth a child’s life. - Mr. Tagerty

"Stomp Out" Bullying

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences: The conferences will take place Wednesday-Friday. November 17-18 the time is from 5pm-7pm. November 19 time is 1pm-3pm. Please be sure to follow all the safety protocols such as wearing a mask to the conference.

Did You Know? - Fascinating Staff Facts

Mr. Vaccarelli: He is the only current staff member to be an alumni of Maple Place (1999)

Mrs. Belinski: Was interviewed live on Chicago radio by Danny Bonaduci (aka Danny Partridge) because she was traveling across the country, visiting most of the states (skipped one or two in the center).

Ms. Kern: Her fascinating fact is that she has lived in three countries and traveled to almost 30. She lived in the United States, Spain, and Indonesia.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Food Drive: If you would like to donate, please have your child bring in one of the food items shown below. Please send food items to school by Wednesday, November 17.

Grade 5: Canned vegetable (such as corn, green beans, carrots, peas, or yams)

Grade 6: Gravy, stuffing mix, mashed potato mix, chicken broth, or rice

Grade 7: Baking mix (such as biscuit mix, cornbread mix, muffin mix, cookie mix, or brownie mix)

Grade 8: Cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, apple juice, cranberry juice, juice boxes, tea or coffee

Questions: Lauren Turchyn

Upcoming Events


  • 17th - 19th - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 24th - Shortened Day
  • 25th & 26th - School Closed - Happy Thanksgiving


  • 3rd - School Photo make-up date