Civil War Project

Spies of the Civil war

What Spies did in the civil war

Women were better spies at the time because nobody would of thought that women would be spying. Spies were good at getting information and were really good at staying under cover. Spies in the civil war would do what they believe in and risk their lives for it. Spies sometimes fought in wars also they were really big in the Confederates and Union.

Women spies

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman saved 300 slaves and her elderly parents. Harriet was also the first to lead a military expedition. She died in 1913. Harriet Tubman was really hated by the south because she kept on saving slaves from the south and the south could never catch her so it made them angry. Harriet was really believed that slavery was bad because she kept on going back to the south and helping slaves escape.

Belle boyd

Belle boyd was a confederate spy she was also famous as a spy. But she was arrested plenty of times while she was married. She was released right after her husband was dead and she was a widow. After that she was remarried. She was really good at giving out code messages to the Confederates.

Rose O'Neal

Rose O'Neal was popular and she really helped on getting information. Since her social skills connection was good she was really good at getting information from the Union. She also put 2,000 dollars of gold into her dress so she could hide it. When she was on a boat it was really wavy and she fell off and sunk to the bottom and died her body floated to shore and the confederates buried her body. She helped on the First battle of Bull run. She was a really good spy.

The affect of spies now

There are still spies now. Spies had a big impact on the Civil war because they got information they needed. Also that they helped a lot during the war. People probably still spy now and do in what they believe in just like the ones in the civil war.
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