No Easy Day by Mark Owen

Paper by Connor Peters

In the book No Easy Day the author Mark Owen describes the first had account of the raid of the compound of Osama bin Laden. Throughout the book he tells about some of his childhood memories and describes how they help him today and in training. Owen assisted in the mission to save Captain Phillips from Somali pirates who boarded his transport ship, Maersk-Alabama, and held him hostage while demanding a ransome. Before the raid of bin Laden's compoud they trained and rehearsed for three weeks compaired to the usually couple hours or day. They studied the perfect five by five by five model over and over again. Despite the emense amounts of training and studying, the mission did not go according to plan. He had his helicopter crash inside of the walls of the compound and ran into an unexpected wall that they had to destroy to get out.

- One thing that I really enjoyed about the book was that is was a first hand account, and it shows that being in the military isn't all poops and giggles.

- The book was very well written because it really wants the reader to not ever put the book down, and it provided many facts about the military and the mission itself.

- I believe the porpose for writting the book was to show just how much training went into the raid, and the struggles of our military personel.

- I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interrested in the military, or history.

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