Canada's Global Connections:

Globalization Web Search

Complete a web search to crack a secret code!

Today's task is a digital scavenger hunt, requiring you to work as a team to be the quickest team to locate all the required information. Once you have found the information, use it to crack a code to gain access to a website with a bonus blog question. To gain access to the code you will need to have your responses checked and signed by the teacher.

Lesson Objectives:

1. I will understand the influence of globalization and role of transnational corporations in Canada's international trade.

2. I will have an understanding of Canada's trade partner's ranking in the world and the statistics we use to compare nations.

3. I know the natural resources our nation exports and the current issues involved in the distribution of these resources.

Globalization- trade and transnational corporations

Globalization- trade and transnational corporations

While watching the video, generate your own definition of what globalization is and what multinational corporations are.

What two big factors does globalization have on a country? For each factor, write two sentences describing how globalization influences a country.

Identify one negative and one positive of multinational corporations.

Comparing Canada's International Partners

Using the website, research the following questions to compare how Canada ranks in comparison to other nations.

List the 5 nations with the highest GDP in order from 1st to 5th.

What is the GDP per capita for Canada's top 5 trade partners?

What is the corporate tax rate % (how much tax companies have to pay on earnings) in Canada, United States & Mexico?

How many barrels of oil does Canada, Mexico, The United States & Russia each produce?

What is Canada's rank in the world for oil production?

Canada's Natural Resource Economy

How much are the 600 resource projects in Canada valued at?

What resource(s) are key for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec & Newfoundland?

Keystone XL Pipeline

Everything You Need to Know About Keystone XL

Keystone XL Pipeline: quick facts

How big is this pipeline project?

Why is this pipeline important to the Alberta tar sands?

What are some of the reasons this pipeline is being opposed?

What are the arguments in favour of the pipeline?

Mississauga: Information & Communications Technology Sector

Read the section titled "Our Strategic Location" on page 4 of the PDF. How is Mississauga marketing itself as an excellent location to establish a multinational ICT business? Identify the competitive advantages of location, cost and workforce. What % of the GTA's workforce does Mississauga employ?

Unlock the missing letters to get the domain: __ __ __ __ __ -cgc1d0-climate-change-blog

All letter are in lower case.

First blank: First letter of the nation with the second highest GDP

Second blank: First letter of Saskatchewan's nuclear power resource

Third blank: First letter (when spelled) of the time it takes to travel to the U.S. border from Mississauga

Fourth blank: First number in the length of the keystone pipeline

Fifth blank: Fill in the missing letter "The Keystone __L pipeline is a proposed pipeline from Alberta to Nebraska."