1. Direction/Vision for Spring 2018
  2. Practice Fire Drill
  3. Costa Rica Support Letter
  4. Java Jam XII Donation Letter
  5. Updated Membership Committees
  6. Calendar of Events
  7. Resources
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DIRECTION & VISION (Spring 2018)

February-May: If you refer to the overview of the year, we're going to use these three months to focus on evangelism and outreach. Mainly because I want to align ourselves with Pastor Dan's vision for the church. Also this works well with our flow because hopefully we will in the future spend the Fall preparing the foundation on doctrine and theology so that we can implement it in the Spring. So here's a general overview suggestion for yall:

Things to prepare for this semester:

  • Understanding the Gospel
  • Understanding Missions
  • Living as a student & a Christian at school (and in organizations)
  • Inviting friends to DGs, ACCESS, Special Events
  • Sharing the Gospel (and Gospel elements) with those around
  • Inviting potential DG leaders to shadow and join your group (Recruitment)
  • Transitioning the 8th grader and 12th grader to the next stage

March: (Shalom) This month will be dedicated to researching, investing, and partnering with local organizations that push back the darkness in our city/world. Each DG will find their own organization to pair up with. The month will consist of:

  • Finding a unique organization that your DG feels a special burden for
  • Getting together as a DG and really praying for that organization and the people involved.
  • Researching the needs and philosophy of that ministry together
  • Participating in several of their events as a DG (pref. including their families as well)
  • Each DG will report back to the youth group and compile a list of needs that our youth group can continue to support.
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Leaders, on April 8th from 12:00-12:10 we will have a practice fire drill church-wide. You're going to need to watch over every member of your group that they get out safely but also seriously. When you hear the fire alarm and the supervisors call it, take your group together to the nearest exit and head towards the closest safety point (the supervisors will direct you).

Membership Committees For Spring/Summer 2018

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Calendar of Events

2/9 Girls Appreciation Banquet

2/10 Costa Rica Training #3

2/11 Spaghetti Luncheon

2/16-20 Justin speaking in Boston

2/25 Membership Meeting

3/4 Parents Meeting // Costa Rica Training #4

3/12-17 Costa Rica Missions Trip

4/1 Easter (No Combined Service; Yes Youth Praise)

4/20 Combined Chinese Church Fellowship Event

5/27 Senior Banquet

6/18-23 World Changers (Houston, Texas) CBC possible host

7/9-13 VBS

722-25 DCamp

7/25-29 Camp Impact

8/10 Java Jam XII

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