Dmitri Mendeleev

Logan Rencher

About my Scientist!

Dmitri was born in 1834 and died in 1907. His nationality was Russian. He studied in many fields including chemistry, physics and other adjacent fields! He had a big family including 16 brothers and sisters. He was raised an orthodox Christian but later left the church. His father died when he was 13.

What Life Was Like in His Day

In the late 1800s and the early 1900s in the time that Dmitri was living, the first spacecraft went to the moon from Russia. The cost of groceries back then were way different then they are now.

•Rice p/lb $.07

•Tea p/lb $.54

•Coffee p/lb $.21

•Sugar p/lb $.10

•Starch p/lb $.11

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Interesting Facts

•He was in charge of measuring vodka in Russia. Their drinks could only contain 40% alcohol.

•Director or Russia's weights and measures.

•Crater in the moon named after him.

•Element named after him: Mendelevium

•Recieved a Nobel prize in chemistry.

Other Facts

•He studied at Heidelberg University and Saint Pertersburg State University.

•It only took him two weeks to Publish The relation between the properties and atomic weights of an element.