Meadow Brook Staff Newsletter

End of the Year Newsletter

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Keep it up, we are almost to the end! They still need you!

Coming Up!

May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6: Mustang Public School Library speaker during Life Apps (20 min.)

May 8: Staff Meeting/PTSO Staff Appreciation @ 3:20

May 10: BoosterThon during Life Apps *Schedule below

May 10: 6th grade physicals 9-12 *more details below

May 10: Functional Skills Tour 9:00-10:00

May 14: MBI Musical during Life Apps- 5th grade @ 8:30; 6th grade @ 1:30

May 15: Growth and Development Training in the cafeteria *5th grade only, 8:15-9:15

May 16: 6th grade GRIT Assembly

May 16: Mark out all day/ Jessica out in the afternoon

May 17: 5th grade End of Year Awards Assembly/Final GRIT assembly

May 17: Yearbooks sent home with students


May 20: Meadow Brook Talent Show- 5th grade @ 8:15; 6th grade @ 1:15

May 20-21: 5th grade Kickball tournament in the AM

May 21: Dodgeball during Life Apps

May 22: School day is from 8:10-12:10 *schedule below

May 22: 6th grade End of Year Awards ceremony @ 8:30

BoosterThon Schedule---May 10

5th Grade
  • 8:10 report to Gym (Life App teachers)
  • 8:30-9:30 running laps outside on the playground
  • 9:30 transition back to either homeroom or Block 1 *5th grade Core teachers decide
  • 10:15 on NORMAL Schedule

6th Grade

  • 8:00-12:59 NORMAL Schedule
  • 1:00 report to Gym (Life App teachers) *leave bags in their homeroom class
  • 1:30-2:30 running laps outside on the playground
  • 2:30 transition back to homeroom to prepare for dismissal

Sports Physicals---May 10

Student must have:
  • $15 cash, check or printed receipt
  • Parent portion of physical form filled out
  • Field Trip permission slip signed
  • all of these forms are available in the office

1st Block Teachers:

  • Highlight the name of each student that has all 3 required items *rosters will be put in your box
  • The student will keep all items
  • Send the list to the office ASAP for us to get a roster of who is going

End of Year Awards

Teachers, please call the parents of the students who are receiving GRIT Awards or Core Academic Awards.

The office will notify the parents of the students who have made one of the honor rolls or who are receiving Masonic, Kiwanis, Citizenship or the top 5th grade Award.

5th grade's assembly is May 17 at 8:00

6th grade's assembly is May 22 at 8:30


Yearbooks will handed out to students on Friday, May 17.

Mrs. Thompson will delivery yearbooks to you on Thursday, May 16. Teams can decide how and when you want to pass them out. Teams can also decide how you want to facilitate student's signing yearbooks.

End of the Year Checklist

Here it is!

End of the Year Checklist

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Geromy's Technology Instructions

These are the same instructions that Geromy emailed us on May 6.

Last Day of School Schedule

5th Grade

8:00- first bell

8:10-9:10- Block 1

9:12-10:10- Block 2

10:12- 11:10- Block 3

11:10-11:55- Lunch/Recess (normal rotation)

11:55-12:10- Block 3

6th Grade

8:00- first bell

8:10-8:30- Block 1

8:30-9:30 Awards Assembly

9:30-10:20- Block 2

10:20-11:05- Lunch/Recess (normal rotation)

11:05-12:10- Block 3

MBI team, thank you for making our first year a great one!!

At Meadow Brook we have GRIT.