Evolution of the Mobile Phone

Made By: Taylor Miller

1876- Alexander Graham bell invents the telephone

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell (picture to left) receives the patent for the telephone. About a year later, the first telephone line is created and three years later almost 49,000 phones were in use.

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1878- Wall Set

After people getting confused with using the same device for talking and listening, a second wooden transmitter was made. You could talk or listen, but you didn't have to move the device from ear to mouth.

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1880- Blake

In 1880, the phone had increased clarity, used carbon and was made of walnut. It was different from other phones because it was mounted on an adjustable stand and was one of the earliest desk sets.

1908- The First Mobile Phone was invented

In 1908, the idea of the mobile phone was technically made because the mobile phone was just a high-tech radio. At this time, Nathan B. Stubblefield (picture to right) applied for a patent for a wireless telephone.

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1949- First Phone to combine a Ringer and Handset

The first phone to combine a ringer and a handset is the Model 500 made by AT&T. It is a black rotary phone with adjustable volume on the side. It eventually will have a variety of color choices, and will become very popular.

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1963- Touch-phone is introduced

The Western Electric 1500 model has 10 push buttons that take the place of the rotary dial. The first commercial service is able to be used in Carnegie and Greensburg, but cost extra.

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1992- First smartphone is invented

Although people didn't start using smartphones until 1995, the first one was invented in 1992. The phone had a touchscreen that was 4.5 inches by 1.4 inches and included a stylus.

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August 1993- Text Messaging

Text Messaging is developed in 1993 and had to be entered on numerical keypads. Nokia finds a way to send text messages and until later inventions, people could only text if two people were on the same network.

August 2002- Camera phone

Sanyo finds a way to make phones take pictures and eventually the user could download them onto a computer. After that, camera phones really took off- by 2003, already 80 million had been sold worldwide.

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August 2007- Apple iphone

This changed the way people lived because it made it possible to do anything people could do from their computers at home. The iphone was invented by Steve Jobs and is the first handheld device that allows people to do basically whatever they want.
iPhone 3G Introduced - ABC News



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Impact Post

The Mobile Phone was and still is a very important invention because It opened up so many opportunities for more communication. Before the telephone, people relied on running into each other and their everyday patterns. After the telephone was invented, people could just pick up the phone and see what the other person was doing. Today, we are able to talk to people 10,000 miles away or have meetings with people who are not in the same room as each other. We are able to call someone we trust in an emergency and are able to make plans without actually seeing each other. The Mobile Phone was a life-changing invention. However, some consequences were that, until later technology was invented, people could hear others conversations and that until worldwide long-distance calling was invented, you could only call within the United States. Before we could call within the United States you could only call someone near your area. Overall, the telephone was a huge invention, and is still a huge part of our lives today.