Rodan + Fields

Referral Rewards

Anissa's Referral Rewards Program

Rodan and Fields is successful because we have amazing products and recommend them to our friends, family, and co-workers. We would love for you to become a business partner and profit off the product referral yourself, but if it's not the right time for you I would love to reward you in sending the product referrals my way!

If you refer someone who becomes a new Preferred Customer you will receive the following:

At the end of the month referrals will be counted and customers will be sent their referral reward for the month!

What Are We Looking For?


We are looking for anyone with skin that is aging. All skin is aging all the time, what that looks like is up to you. We are also looking for people with sensitivity, redness, irritation, sunspots, melasma, dullness, discoloration, breakouts, post-acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles.


We are looking for smart, savvy, driven, coachable, intelligent women to join our team. You don't need experience or skincare knowledge to be good at this business. All you need is a desire for something more and a coachable attitude, we handle the rest.

How Do You Refer Someone?

  • Connect us on Facebook! Send a message between the 3 of us to introduce us and then I will take it from there.
  • Send me their contact information and I will be happy to give them a call or text.
  • Conference call them and all 3 of us can chat on the phone.

You are always welcome to give people that are interested my contact information, but I would prefer one of the 3 ways above if possible.