Ariel sharon

the leader of israel

was ariel sharom a leader ?

I think that Sharon was one of the military and political leaders in Israel.

do you agree or disagree that he was a leader ?

I agree with that Ariel Sharon was a leader because Ariel. Sharon served as an example for IDF soldiers

what made ariel sharon be a leader (actions , qualities) ?

I think the way of his life made him became a leader

He started as a simple soldier and finished as general.

He established the Unit 101 and was the defense minister and minister of foreign affairs at the end he became a Prime Minister

what do other people from other countries think about ariel sharon ?

I think Ariel Sharon was a admirable character and many people think that he was a great man he said the famous sentence "Do not leave the injured behind".

why do you think people from all over the world come to say last goodby ?

i think many people from the world came to says the last goodbye to Sharon because he was a great person and he Served as a model for many people