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PRAGMATIC Psychology- 6 week telecallseries

Celebrating the misfits, the crazy ones, the round pegs in the square holes.... the ones that are changing the world!

Be invited...

What if you could use your crazy, employ it and make it work for you...
Would you change the world?

Welcome to the 6 week telecall series,
starting April 11

What is truly HIDING BEHIND WHAT IS CALLED MENTAL ILLNESS AND INSANITY? What capacities are all those labels truly?

... the so called crazy ones are the ones who throughout history have contributed to this world expanding! What if you are the next crazy person who changes this world... what if you started accessing what this reality calls crazy and insane and create your phenomenal, unbelievable, unreal, unbelievable world?

.... this is for you whether you are a facilitator, a counselor, therapist, doctor, teacher, parent.... or/and a plain crazy person who knows its time to step up and inspire yourself and others to the world that is now possible for us to create!

What if consciousness is the new psychology? I have been using the Access Consciousness tools in psychiatry for soon 5 years and the change I have seen is possible facilitating from a different perspective beyond the traditonial way is incredible! Applying the tools of Access Consciousness in the field of psychology and psychotherapy is what I call Pragmatic Psychology. Consciousness is truly pragmatic!

Get the information, the tools, the processes to change your life and your practice!

In this telecall you are invited to

*access the crazy you that goes beyond what has in this world been defined as not possible, real and normal.. the crazy you that knows no limits... that does not take no for an answer...

*find out what is truly possible with so called mental and psychological disablities and diagnosis

*open up to a different paradigm of faclitating change, using the Access Consciousness tools in your practice, with your clients, students, kids ... to create a different paradigm for change for all of us!

.... have you noticed that the world needs You?

Class details

The 6 week telecall series,
starting April 11!

April 11th **8 pm CET
April 17th **10pm CET
May 1st ** 10pm CET
May 8th ** 7pm CET
May 15th ** 8pm CET
May 22nd ** 3 pm CET

More info and registration here- Btw, you will get a recording from each call and more :)

I am so looking forward to You on this call!!!

With joy and awareness of greater possibilities!

Susanna Mittermaier

lic. clin. psychologist

cert. Access Consciousness Facilitator

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