By: Dawson James

My interest in a this job would be doing more athletic stuff than just sitting in a police car.

I learn best by doing not watching. I think its important to do a job that u like not just for the money.

Where I Am Going

This job can be physicaly challenging but can also be mentaly challenging. Annuall: 55,000 You work normal hours unless you are new then you will probably get night shifts and holidays. ou can work indoors of outdoors. I woill be able to work outside insted of in an office and i get to carry a Glock 40.

How do I get there

I dont have to attened a collage but i would like to go to Arkanas and that is in Fayetteville. I want to go there because its close to home and my fovorite cousin Mason Williamson gose there. I want at least a Bachlors degree, but i dont need any collage credit to be a patrol officer. I would like to qualify for a football scholarship. The collage will cost $260.59 per hour.