Superintendent's Update

March 23-March 27

Week at a Glance

Monday, March 23

8:30 Cabinet

12:30 ATC (Mr. Smith's class)

2:00 Meeting

3:30 Meeting

6:00 Board of Trustees Meeting

Tuesday, March 24

8:00 Leadership

2:00 Meeting

4:15 District Faculty Meeting #1 @ Rock Hill High School

Wednesday, March 25

8:30 DO Staff Meeting

9:00 Meeting

10:30 School Talk

12:30 Budget Meeting (Mr. Blake)

1:30 Budget Meeting (Mr. Wolff)

3:00 Early Childhood Meeting

Thursday, March 26

7:30 Safety Meeting

9:00 Communication Focus Meeting

11:00 Meeting

12:00 Operations Meeting

2:00 Metting

5:30 SIC Meeting (Lesslie Elementary)

7:00 Hairspray (Saluda Trail Middle)

Friday, March 27

7:30 Legislative Breakfast

9:30 Dinostart (Northside Elementary School)

11:00 SIC Meeting (York Road Elementary)

12:00 Meeting

2:00 Phone Conference

Wishing you a safe,relaxing Spring Break!

Congratulations PD Schools!

Congratulations to the following schools for being selected as a Winthrop University School Partnership Network Partner School for the 2015-2016 academic year!

Ebinport Elementary School

Independence Elementary School

Sullivan Middle School

South Pointe High School

Important Information from the SC Education Oversight Committee

As you know, the EOC will suspend state ratings for two years but maintains the reporting of assessment date. The EOC used the Profile of the Graduate and the recommendations of the Cyclical Review of Accountability Report to identify the evidence to be reported on the November 2015 state report card. We should have a new accountability manual by the end of March; however, there are two major changes of which we have been alerted:

1. The report of the Principal and SIC will be changed, and principals/SIC will be asked to complete the following statement, "Our school is helping a ll students develop the world class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by...."

2. In addition the 2015 school and district report cards will report on college and career reediness using the College FreshmanReport. It is extremely important that high school principals and guidance counselors complete this form. Prior years' reports are available online at

Congratulations Ozzie!

Mr. Ahl was named the 4A Principal of the Year by the

S. C. Association. of Athletic Administrators on March 18th. Ozzie was selected for his outstanding support of athletics at the school, region, and state levels.

Cabinet Focus:

Planning Department:

  • Planning department is continuing to finalize school choice acceptance for 2015-16
  • Monitoring Rebound and Renaissance enrollment
  • Completing review of requested transfers/temporary residency for 2015-16

For Principals: Please be aware that the school year is 180 days, unless one is forgiven. However, we must continue to educate and provide meaningful classroom opportunities through June 4. For elementary and middle, please share with parents that students not attending the last days of school will be counted as absent. Absences will be assessed through June 4.

Public Information:

Communications audit was begun this week. There will be a total of 10 focus groups.


New testing information brochures are now available. It is posted on the website and some hard copies have been printed. You are free to print additional copies if you have the funding to do so. Please post the brochure or at least a link to the district website. This information has also been posted on the district Facebook page.

Human Resources

All certified recommendations should be made.

Happy March Birthday!

March 5
Keri Brown (Lesslie)
March 7
Damon Ward
Polly Wingate
March 10
Bill Gantt
March 13
Bernard Gill
March 16
Heather Andrus
March 17
Stephanie DiStasio
March 19
Chris Curtis
March 21
Derek Owens
March 22
Pat Maness
Emily McQuay
March 23
Jean Dickson
DeWilla Williams
March 27
Susan Murphy
March 29
Terry Hutchinson

Snow Make-Up Day

Please be sure to remind your students and families that we will be using April 6th as a snow make-up day. We have requested permission to forgive May 25th as a snow day. We have not confirmed that we have received that forgiveness at this time.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, April 6

Snow Make-Up Day!

Wednesday, April 22

Late Start

District Faculty Meetings

Just a reminder that the start time has been changed to 4:15 so schools have time to finish dismissal and travel to the high school.