Barcelona is located on the east coast of Spain on the Balearic Sea.
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Historical facts

1. 1848, The first Spanish railway is constructed in Barcelona

2. 1821, yellow spider man fever epidemic

3.late 9th century, Barcelona is ruled by Count Wilfred the Hairy, who establishes hereditary succession and unifies the county of Barcelona with other Carolingian territories

4.1640, Catalan revolt against Spanish monarchy begins in Barcelona; Catalonia allied to Louis XIII of France

5.14th century, Barcelona conquers foreign ports. War between Barcelona and Genoa

6. 1992, Olympic Games held in Barcelona

7. 3rd century, Barcino replaces Tarraco (Tarragona) as the most important Roman outpost in the Hispanic Criterion

8.1652 Siege of Barcelona by Don Juan José of Austria ends the Catalan rebellion

Barcelona Food

1.Tapas is a slice of bread topped with olive oil and garlic.

2. Allioli is a typical Catalan sauce ( like mayonnaise) made with garlic,olive oil and salt

3. Paella is a dish made with garlic,onion,seafood,chicken,tomatos,vegetables etc

4. Escalivada is a salad made with peppers tomatoes,onions,salt,olive oil and vinegar

5. Crema Catalana is a dessert similar to Creme brulee.

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average Weather degrees F

Jan: 55

Feb: 57.2


Apr: 62.6

May: 73.4

June: 77

July: 84.2

Aug: 86

Sep: 78.8

Oct: 75.2

Nov: 57.2


Mountains and Rivers

There are two rivers the Llobregat River, and the Besòs River. Barcelona also has a mountain range close by called the Serra de Collserola, which at it's tallest peak, measures 1,680 feet tall.

Barcelona Points of Interest

1. La Sagrada Familia Church- a huge unfinished church designed by antoni Gaudi.

2. Magic fountains show- a Beautiful show in Barcelona with water,lights and music.

3. Montserrat Mountains - Beautiful mountains with a monastery built into it that you can tour.

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