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(Science) Hurricane 4-9-15 P4

How does it form ??

They form near the equator over warm ocean water 's.The term hurricane is used only for large storms that are formed over the Atlantic Ocean or the Eastern Pacific Ocean .

How does it work ?

By building up energy as it moves across a ocean, sucking up warm water. And moist tropical air from the surface and dispensing the air aloft it escalates until it is disrupted. the storm quickly loses momentum and power but still release's wind as high as 185 mph on coastal area's.

Where does it form ?

The ones that hit the United States form in the Caribbean or the Atlantic depending on where the wind is blowing and temperature.

How does it travel ??

They are steered by global winds. Because they move into the Westerlies, cause they move opposite the west to east as it travels north.
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Wind speed, Air pressure,and Air temperature

To be classified a hurricane it has to have winds at least 74 mph(which is a category 1). A category 5 is with winds exceeding 156 mph and with storms.

Damage caused by it

The damage inflicted is catastrophic by loss of life, property damage and feeling of safeness in your home.

Type of clouds present

The type of cloud present is usually Cumulonimbus

Precipitation type and amount

The type of precipitation is heavy rains and enough to make mud and landslides.

The structure

The structure of it is very complex by the eye of the storm and unfortunately it not able to be stopped but we have graphs to keep track of it and where it will go.