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Unidad 1 - Week 3 - Fall 2015

Welcome to week 3!

Welcome to week 2 of Spanish 1! Hopefully students are starting to get in the groove of online Spanish. Here are a few things:

  • By the end of this week students should have Getting Started through Unidad 2 Lección 1 completed.
  • Zeros are put in at the end of each week to make sure weekly grades are accurate.
  • Students can complete assignments until they close at the end of the quarter, but should pace their assignments on the Schedule of Assignments.
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Required Live Classes

Students are required to attend a Required Live Class (RLC) once per unit for a total of 10 for the whole semester. This is the last week to attend a Getting Started RLC (mine is this at Wednesday at 3pm!).

There are THREE DIFFERENT WAYS to attend RLCs:

  1. by computer
  2. by phone (calling in)
  3. by phone/tablet (the app)

To access the RLC room from a computer students can click the link in the course. To call in (this should only be done if students cannot use option 1 or 3) students can call the number posted in the course and enter the code. This will make them show up as "Teleconference" and they will need to tell the teacher their name to receive credit.

Students can also download the Blackboard Collaborate App to attend via mobile device (my personal favorite). They can view presentation and interact with the teacher by voice/chatbox as if they were attending at the computer but "on the go". They'll need to paste the link to the room* into the app, enter their first and last name and enjoy!


If students are not able to attend they will need to contact me to set up a make-up plan.

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Extra Credit: The Culture Café

Students can attend a Culture Café session live and complete a reflection for extra credit. There are MANY opportunities in the coming weeks. Check the Google Calendar in the course for these dates and times!

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