Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of Jan. 25-29

Strategy Spotlight

During part of my IC training last week we talked about the "Dispositions of Effective Teachers" (think of it in terms of your "teacher mindset"). According to the New Teacher Center, there are three components of the disposition of an effective teacher:

1. Reflective: Teachers are open to feedback from colleagues, students and families; seek opportunities to grow professionally; and take responsibility for their students' learning.

2. Persistent: Teachers hold high expectations and believe that all students can learn. They persevere in solving complex issues of practice, care deeply, and are committed to their students.

3. Curious: Teachers ask questions, inquire, and experiment in an effort to reach every student. They are willing to take risks and try out new ideas or strategies if they think it will help their students.

Would you categorize yourself as having these three character traits? My guess is that you expect all of your students to have this disposition every day they are in your classroom, so what about you? I challenge you to think reflectively this week about these three disposition traits and where you stand with each.

Last Week

- Attended LETRS PD Monday

- Attended Instruction Coach Training through GWAEA and NTC on Thursday and Friday

- Helped with assessments and TIER

- Drop in observations

- Material and resource gathering and creation for teachers/teams

- Modeled a Write Tools note card lesson

- Continued co-teaching a small group reading unit in 5th grade

- Team meetings

The Week Ahead

- Monday and Tuesday I will be meeting with teams to look at Universal Screener scores and help figure out next steps for interventions and PM

- I am at a half day MTSS meeting on Tuesday afternoon

- I am at a full day LCI training on Wednesday

- I am gone on Thursday and Friday (personal days)

** Please feel free to call or email me - I will do my best to check and keep up on urgent things since I am going to be out of the building the majority of the week.