Top 3 for the 4Cs

An Ed Tech Coach's Favorite Things!

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Flipgrid is a video bulletin board that allows people to respond to a question or topic in 90 second (or less) videos.

Suggested uses:

  • Students can post a "trailer" for a novel or topic they are discussing in class.
  • Students can post the steps to completing a problem or the thought process behind their answers.
  • A topic can be created for frequently asked questions.

Best of all, students can post responses promoting effective communication and collaboration amongst peers.

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Nearpod is not just an instructional tool, but it allows for ongoing formative assessments. This robust tools allows for collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

Google Apps for Education: G-Suite

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Collaborate, Create, promote Critical Thinking, and Communicate with the most dynamic classroom tool available to teachers.

Bonus: Extensions and Add-Ons

There are many extensions and add ons that can be found HERE in the chrome web store. My Extensions favorites are:

  • Bitmoji: Add fun Bitmojis of you to your slides, documents, and emails. I also use them as quick feedback for students.
  • ScreenCastify: Create quick and easy screen recordings that you can later upload to Google Classroom.

Please note that add-ons are Google app specific. You can only add them while you're in that particular app. My favorite Add-Ons are:

  • Google Docs:
  1. Lucid Charts or Gliffy: Create mindmaps and graphic organizers
  2. Doc to Forms: Turn a document into a Google Form without the copy and paste
  3. EasyBib: Helps with citations.
  4. EquatiO: Write equations in their proper form.
  5. Word Cloud Generator

  • Google Forms:
  1. Forms Notifications
  2. Choice Eliminator
  3. Form Confirmation Emails

  • Google Sheets
  1. Autocrat: Turn information in a Sheet into a standard letter.
  2. Flubaroo: Use to grade Forms. Can also do this in Forms, but Flubaroo gives a few more options.
  3. Save as Doc: Turn a Google Sheet into a Doc.
Review SAMR

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