Battle of Midway

The Turning Point on the War with Japan

Dates of Battle

June 1942

Nations which Fought in this Battle?

Axis powers


United States

Where the Battle was Fought?

In the Pacific Ocean

The significants of the Battle

This battle was significant because the U.S. crippled Japans Navy and weren't able to recover. The U.S. did this by sinking 4 of Japan's Aircraft carries. after this battle Japan was on the defense.

Casualty for both sides

US Pacific Fleet Losses

  • 340 killed
  • Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown
  • Destroyer USS Hammann
  • 145 aircraft

Imperial Japanese Navy Losses

  • 3,057 killed
  • Aircraft Carrier Akagi
  • Aircraft Carrier Kaga
  • Aircraft Carrier Soryu
  • Aircraft Carrier Hiryu
  • Heavy Cruiser Mikuma
  • 228 aircraft
  • The Battle was Won by the


    Interesting facts

    Japanese sent in coded messages about an attack on the U.S., the U.S. interspersed these messages and broke the codes and new about the attack so they set up there own and won.
    The U.S. victory here ended Japan's seemingly unstoppable advance across the Pacific and began a U.S. offensive that would end three years later at the doorstep of there Home Islands.
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