The Kite Runner

By. Khaled Hosseini.

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If you like realistic drama that goes on nationally with teenagers that has to deal with life in a hazard and dangerous matter. This is a book that i suggest to you. This book was written by an author that has a very good view of the story because he went and saw what happen.

While living in Kabul, Amir and Hassan were best friends. They thought nothing was going to separate them. One day the kite tournament began, kids come to see which kite can last the longest. The losing kite falls and the "kite runners" are the kids that goes running to the kite that fell to get them back. Amir wins the kite tournament, and Hassan ( kite runner ) was going to get the losing kite. Amir was looking for Hassan because he was taking a long time. Finally he found his best friend Hassan and couldn't believe what he saw. His best friend was getting raped by Assef. Unfortunately Amir didn't help him, he ran away and when they both meant during that day Amir didn't know what to say. Hassan and Amir were quiet and didn't talk. Acted like nothing happen.

Amir felt guilty and thought the only way to get rid of his guilt if he gets rid of hassan. Hassan lived with amir so it was hard to do. Amir stole one of his fathers jewelry and planted it in hassan pants. A few hours later Amir told his dad that hassan stole some jewelry. Amir father asked Hassan and Hassan confessed even though he didn't do it. Hassan and his family where kicked out of the house and Amir ended of moving in California.

Years have past and Amir has a wife and Hassan has a wife and a little boy. Amir gets a call from family from his home town in Afghanistan saying that Hassan and his wife got shot and Hassan's son is in the orphanage. Amir still had some guilt about years ago so he goes to Afghanistan to start his journey to save his son from the orphanage.

Amir is my favorite character in the story because through out the story you will find that he will do his best to make things better and how he takes responsible of his actions.

personal experiences

I lived in the middle east and i know what half of this story is talking about. This is my favorite book and i love it a lot because unlike other books, this gives out realistic details on what really happens over there. Even the small details with the culture and family will help you understand the story.

Favorite part and what I would like to change.

My favorite part of the book is when Amir and his family moved back to Afghanistan and the first night they heard gun shots. The gun shots took all night so they couldn't sleep all night. I like this section of the book because it shows what people go through over there.

I loved every detail of this book but I would change one thing. I would of let Amir go get help for Hassan and i think if he would of done that, there wouldn't be too much drama, and they can go to America together.