San Fransisco, California

My dream summer vacation

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San Fransisco

My dream vacation is San Fransisco. It is located in California. I want to go because it sounds fun. I really want to visit Disney Land.


-The Chinese foutune cookie was invented by a chinese resident of San Fransisco

-San Fransisco was part of Mexico until the Mexico-America War in 1848

-Beatles had last full concert at Candlestick park

-3 quarters of the city was destroyed in an earthquake in 1906

-The bear on California’s state flag is modeled after a California grizzly named Monarch, who was held at Golden Gate Park.

- When San Francisco hosted the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, America’s most famous bell made a national train tour to be there. After the exposition ended, it returned to Philadelphia, where it’s stayed ever since.

-The city’s cable cars are the only National Historical Monument that can move.

-The U.S. Navy originally planned on painting the Golden Gate Bridge black with yellow stripes. The famed “International Orange” color was supposed to be a sealant.

-The neighborhoods of Marina, Mission Bay, and Hunters Point are all built atop a landfill.

- During the Depression, not a single San Francisco-based bank failed.


It will take me 3.44 hours to get there. It is 1745.8 miles away. I am going to take Shannon, Hannah, and Jocelynn. We will get there by an airplane. We will stay for one month.


We will stay at the Hotel California. We are staying in a suite with two bedrooms with king size beds in each room. We will need to pack clothes like shoes, shirts, sundresses and pants.


I am spending a total of 9105.2 dollars. The lodging costs for a month are 8494 dollars for a month and 274 dollars per night. My friends and I will split the costs. I have about 100 dollars for spending money. I will have about 200 for food. I do not need gas because I am gong on an airplane.


I am going to Disney Land while I am there.There are also some other stuff like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Islands and last but not least, Ripley's believe it or not. Something unique I will do is ride some of the cable cars.
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