Mariner Weekly!!

October 4, 2021

October 4th - 8th Week of Respect

October 4th is the Week of Respect - New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act designates the week of the first Monday in October each year as a “Week of Respect.” We will observe this week by providing instruction focusing on preventing/remediating harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying. Each day, a leader in our school will share their ideas through our daily announcements:

Monday- Respect for Others, Anti Bullying

Everyone wants to be treated a certain way and you earn that through respecting others. Respect is not only earned but also given to everyone. This week is the week of respect and we want to show you how to be better and stand by people. We need to do our part by saying nice things and being kind to one another. Remember it only takes two seconds out of your day to say “I love your shirt” or “you look cute today” whether it’s a compliment or a statement that can brighten up someone’s day tremendously so please do your part and try to brighten up someone else’s day. Step out of the box !

By: Emily Fuentes, Member of SADD

Tuesday- Respect for all Living Creatures

Respect is something all living things deserve. Just like our planet, animals need someone to speak for them. They communicate with us everyday whether it's orcas responding to overfishing, or a pet dog trying to get it’s owners attention, they deserve to be heard. Do your part by being a responsible pet owner, speak up when you see abuse, and take care of our planet….we ALL need to live here.

By: Camiren Glunk, Member of PAWS

Wednesday- Respect for the Environment

Green Team is a place where we recycle to help the environment. Keeping the environment clean is an important and a respectful thing to do, because we all live on this tiny planet with its limited resources, and this is the only planet we've got. Are you wondering how you can help the environment and keep it clean? Well, it's actually pretty simple. You can start by recycling properly, which means NOT putting food or any non-recyclable items in the recycling bin. Another way is to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. And remember that every time you save energy you're saving yourself money, and helping to save our natural resources, which is having respect for everybody on the planet. This world is our home and every day we forget to give the same courtesy to it that it gives to us. So when you wake up everyday think about the steps you can take to make our planet better.

By: Ana Chen and Amanda Panora-Jara, Members of Green Team

Thursday- Respect for the Community

The National Honor Society is extremely dedicated to our community. For the Week of Respect, it is important to remember one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society: service. Whether it be doing some community service for clubs, the school, religious organizations, homeless shelters, food kitchens, you name it, that service truly makes an impact on the people you help. When it comes to helping your community small gestures can help in big ways. Help a neighbor bring in groceries, volunteer at a school event, do a park clean-up, compliment a stranger. Remember that what may seem like a mindless act of service may mean the world to someone else. We are all in this together. No matter what you decide to do to serve your community, know that it is just the first step in making a difference.

By: Jackie Anderson, NHS President

Friday- Respect for your Opponent, Good Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is defined as "fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest." Being a good sport means you treat the other team with respect and class. Win or lose you play a clean game and represent the school with pride. Toms River North has built a reputation in the Shore for being a team that wins but wins with class and displays good sportsmanship towards its opponents.

By: Michael Dowd, Member of the Mariner Maniacs


Congratulations to our October Students of the Month, Jordyn Mann and Michael Dowd!

Jordyn is a member of TEAM, Captain's Crew, FBLA, SADD, Mariner Maniacs, and the Class of 2022. She is an active part of our varsity field hockey, bowling, and softball teams. Jordyn has won numerous athletic awards and has achieved Hing Honor Roll during every marking period of her high school career. Outside of school has helped to create the Replay Sports Initiative, which redistribute gently used sports equipment to children in need. She is proud to have been named, "Most Likely To Succeed" by her classmates. After graduation, Jordyn hope to major in Chemical Engineering with plans of becoming a Pharmaceutical Scientist.

Michael serves as the President of the Class of 2022 and as our school's representative on the district Super Safe Schools Committee. He is a member of TEAM, Mariner Maniacs, and the Class of 2022. Michael is an member of our track and football teams, serving as team captain. He is an Honor Roll student and is proud to have been named, "Most School Spirited" by his classmates. After graduation, Michael would like to major in Physical Education with a minor in Coaching, with plans to become a teacher and coach.

Fall 2021 Start Strong Parent Notification Letter

In October 2021, Toms River Regional Schools will administer the New Jersey Department of Education Start Strong Assessments in English language arts, mathematics, and science. The administration of Start Strong will satisfy the federal statewide assessment requirements to administer general assessments in these subjects for the 2020-2021 school year. Please see the attached letter for more information.

Adjusted Schedule for Start Strong Testing:

Monday, 10/4 - English 9

Tuesday, 10/5 - English 10

Wednesday, 10/6 - Science 9

Thursday, 10/7 - Science 12

Friday, 10/8 - Algebra 2

Monday, 10/11 - No School Columbus Day

Tuesday, 10/12 - Geometry

Wednesday, 10/13 - PSAT's - No Start Strong Testing

Thursday, 10/14 - Algebra 1

Students will be given their testing location this week. All students should report to their testing location no later than 7:15. Most students will complete testing by the beginning of 3rd period and then return to their class schedule. Students need to bring their FULLY CHARGED CHROME BOOK on their testing day(s).


Each year, we invite the parents of our newest Mariners for informal discussion about the beginning of the school year and tips to navigate the months and years to come. I'd like to invite our freshman parents from the Class of 2025 as well as our sophomores from the Class of 2024 to join us in the Media Center at 6:00pm on Wednesday, October 20th.

Ocean County Library Teen Programs for October

Please see the link below for the teen activities planned at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library.

College Recruiter Visits and Information Sessions

Each year we have visits from many colleges, universities, and technical schools. These recruiters meet with interested students in Guidance and speak about their school and answer any questions that our students may have. If interested in a particular school, students should see Mrs. Rose in Guidance to sign up. A list is regularly updated on our school website, . Click the Guidance tab to access.


College Night at the Jersey Shore:

a FREE college fair open to students and their families that will be held at Toms River HS East on Thursday, October 7, 2021, 5PM - 8PM.

Please see attached flyer for information on financial aid workshops and how to pre-register.

It is never to early to start thinking about college options.

HS North Financial Aid Night - October 21st at 7pm

The financial aid landscape is changing, so whether your student is about to head to college or just started high school, come learn the ins and outs of saving thousands off the cost of a college education, no matter your financial position. Please join us for this informative and helpful presentation.