Pro Football Player

Austin Samaha


I play for the NFL, which is the national football league. I line up with other players and try to defend the person with the ball or tackle him, depends if I'm on offense or defense.
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work conditions

I play in stadiums on Thursday, Friday, Monday or Saturday. People watch me play around the US. I wear a jersey and football pads.
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wage or salary

My salary depends on how good of a football player I am and if I get hurt. If you are good, but you get hurt then they lower your pay. If you are good to start out with, and you get older and just don't produce what the NFL needs then they fire you or just lower your pay.
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characteristics needed to be good at this career

You have to play football to the best of your abilities and give 100% effort.

educational background needed

You need a high school diploma, can go to college, play college ball, and then get drafted in the NFL draft.

advantages / disadvantages

Advantages:if you are really good you get paid a lot and get offered to shoot commercials.

Disadvantages: you can get hurt easily and earlier retirement.

and if you cheat you get a bad rep.

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career ladder

example: you go in as a QB you stay QB

or you get redshirted which is where they don't start you and you have to sit on the bench. Then all that hard work pays off because coach plays you and now you just got a pay raise.

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employment out look

Is there going to be football players in the future? YESSSSSS! because everybody wants to watch it so basically it ain't goin' no where!!!

related occupations

other jobs connected to NFL football or college football is coaching, personal training, scouting for payers to play for collages and being an agent for the players and manage their money.
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what career cluster is football?