Trouble with Chickens

This smore was made by Gabriella Grace Harding

About the book

Trouble with Chickens is the best book ever. It has a retired search and rescue dog named.He lives on a farm with his trainer Barb.Then out of nowhere comes two chicks and with chicks chicks chicks a Chicken mom.They need J.J.'s help to find there two missing chicks in there little family.Vince the Funnel has the chicks.But he is not the real colprete. Shuger is the real colprate. She did it for all the books in the house.Vince would not let her in to read them.In the end they did not just stop Vince the funnle but J.J. also got a new fimily.
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The Trouble with Chickens
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This is the next book I am so exsited!

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