The graffiti wolf🐺

by sam

The wolfs hobbies

Once upon a time there was a wolf named Neji . He couldn't do anything Neji tried baseball but every time he hit the ball he brought the bat with him instead of dropping it and when he tried cricket he didn't bring it with him he dropped it . All He could do was paint but he couldn't do it with a paint brush only spray paint and he could only do it in a graffiti style Neji was useless.

Time to graffiti

Then Neji said I could do graffiti on the three pigs houses. So he went to the first pigs house made of brick . and he sprayed the house and made a picture . The next morning the first pig went for a walk and he saw what Neji drew but didn't no who did it.He also did it to the 2nd and 3rd pigs houses.
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The cops

So they called the cops. The cops were knocking on everyones door the only house door they didn't knock on was Neji's door.So he knocked on his door and asked if he was in and at the last second he thought of an idea the idea was not to answer and they would keep knocking on his door until he didn't bother to ask him if he was home.So he didn't answer but what they did do was ram open the door and took Neji to question him and in the end they found it was him who did the graffiti.