K-2 Team Newsletter

November 18, 2019

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Principal's Message

What a great week of learning and fellowship with our STEM Night! Shout out to Ms. Molly Jackson for her amazing planning and to all the staff who participated. It was wonderful to see the scholars enjoy learning about centripetal force and many other cool topics!! What a nice opportunity as well for families to learn a little more about our focus on academics through our math program and what makes it special at EEP. As we think about pushing our scholars to college and beyond they can look back and remember when they were first introduced to science/math being so fun and maybe they would want a career in these fields! Awesome work team and check out some fun photos below!

STEM Night - Under the Big Top

School Wide Focus

Priority #2 - No Opt Out Academics

We have completed our Aggressive Monitoring (AgMo) PD series. We have learned so much about how to properly set up an AgMo pathway to collect formative data and how to collaborate with your co-teacher in order to respond to the data in the moment. As we prepare for our future priority walkthroughs and dean observations, we will be looking for all components of AgMo to be in place. Ensure you have the following:

  • Exemplar in hand

  • Laps with feedback & codes

  • Intervening whole class if data suggests

Weekly Data Meetings

Our WDMs have been off to a great start and through your reteach efforts we have seen up to 30-40 point gains in mastery in 2nd grade, scholars in 1st grade had a 20% gain in mastery, and in Kinder we have seen improved writing with the pound it out strategy! Keep up the great work as we focus on no-opt academics and pushing our scholars towards mastery of all standards. Shout out to you ALL for jumping in and embracing this academic push for the 19-20 school year!

Deans of Academics

Progress Monitoring

Please remember to Progress Monitor your Tier 3 students every Friday and your Tier 2 students at least every other Friday- thank you for your continued diligence on this!

Dean of Culture

Leader In Me

Don’t forget to sign up for your Leader In Me Online account! An email was sent last week from Dr. P and there are a ton of great classroom resources.


If a class is taking a restroom break but a scholar from another class comes on an individual restroom break to use the restroom they DO NOT have to wait at the end of the line. It might be an emergency and there are several stalls and urinals. Please share the space!


Congrats to 1st grade for placing in Bronze!!
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Dean of SEL

Thank you for another great week, everyone! We are wrapping up our unit on body safety with role plays and processing questions. We will review these until after Thanksgiving break.

LIM Habit #7: Sharpen the saw!

Get a good night’s rest so that you are refreshed for a new day of learning.

Eat nutritious food so that your body is fueled for the day.

Get outside, play sports, and make sure that you are moving your muscles.

Spend time with friends and family members to fill your heart.

Practice mindful activities in order to bring calm and peace to yourself.

Next week, we will focus on think win-win (which some of us adults may need during the holiday season). Think win-win means to let everyone feel like they win, or compromise.

Operations Important Information

Progress Reports

Reports will home Thursday 11/21 so grades are due Wednesday 11/20 by noon! Please check your gradebooks to be sure they are up to date and all missing grades made up.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 19th

  • First Grade Field Trip

Nov. 21st

  • Progress Report

Nov. 22nd

  • Mental Health Day - NO PD

Nov. 26th

  • Coffee w. the Principals: 8:15-9:15 am

Nov. 27-29th

  • Thanksgiving Holiday -- NO SCHOOL

Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Staff Absences

Nov. 18th

Kristin Guest (SPED)

Shelly Gaughan (2nd)

Stacey Neal (1st)

Nov. 20th

Emily Tibbs (2nd)

Nov. 21st

Crystalline Jones (Admin)

Nov. 22nd

Crystalline Jones (Admin)

Emily Tibbs (2nd)

Danielle Smith (1st)

Liza Graham (K)

Grade Level Photos of the Week

Check out our photos from last week...way to go exhibiting our core values!


  • Grades should be updated in Illuminate weekly
  • All elements of AgMo should be in place (pathways, laps, codes, data trackers, and a response to the data)

  • All boards should be updated with the current date, objective (SWBAT..), and the common core standard code

  • All lesson plans for the week should be on a clipboard or other system (i.e. binder/folder)

  • Principal and GLLs should be notified of late arrivals (after 7:28 am) or "early outs" (before 3:45 pm). Please see K-5 Playbook for details.

  • Use Kronos to schedule an absence in advance and input all unplanned absences in Kronos within 24 hours of your return
  • All sub plans should be updated immediately after an absence

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary School Principal