The Aegean Sea

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The Aegean Sea is located in the Europe of the coasts of Greece and Turkey


The Aegean Sea covers about 83,000sq miles, it measures 380 miles longitudinally and 190 miles latitudinally. The Aegean's maximum depth is 11,624 ft.
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Animal Life

The Aegean Sea is full of a variety of aquatic animals. A few of which might be dolphins, seals, turtles, sponges and octopus.


A few of the most popular types of vegetation are seaweed, kelp, and algae. These all grow in the Aegean sea's salt water environment.


The Aegean Sea only experiences two seasons, Summer and Winter. Do to the all of the water the weather may vary throughout the day. Also there is a persistent northerly wind that reaches full force in July and August


Human Made Features

People on the islands and around the costs have built many cities one of which is Oia, Spain.
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On the Aegean islands and the costs of Greece and Turkey the people there speak the languages Minoan and Eteocretan.


Throughout the Aegean Sea many religions are practice a few a which are Sunni Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy,

Political System

The Aegean area is considered to have a Palace Economy(redistribution economy). The Palace Economy is a specific type of redistribution system in which the economic activities of the civilization are conducted on or near the area of central administration complexes.

Economic Activities

People living in the Aegean Sea area would almost follow the same scheduled as the average american. The only difference would be that they aren't payed quite as much.

Population Distribution

This area will average around 70 to 250 per square mile.

Natural Recources

Natural Recources

The Aegean Sea islands and coastal regions are full of gold and silver which is one of the reasons Greece and Turkey has disputes over them