Burlington County Special Services School District

April 2015

The skill that was introduced last month was flutter kicking on the back while using a kick board. The students are putting in a great deal of effort to accomplish this skill to an above satisfactory level. The hard work they are putting into this skill will allow them to ease into the next step of kicking on their back without support. The students are devoted and eager to practice their newly acquired swim skills correctly; they are applying the tips and feedback instantaneously. Their hard work is much appreciated!

Other news this month is that the Aquatics Department took part in the Light it up Blue activity to promote Autism Awareness. All staff wore blue apparel and the equipment that was used throughout all lessons was blue. Also this month, all campuses have received the updated YMCA Safety Training.

Check out the link to the aquatic Website! On here you will find newsletters, forms, updates and pictures. http://www.bcsssd.k12.nj.us/domain/306

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Take Side!

The students are working on taking the side of the pool. The students are prompted to take the side when first getting in the pool, in-between every swim skills and before students exit the pool. By teaching students to take side is teaching them a safety skill, therefore this skill is very important.
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Light it up Blue!

The aquatics staff participated in Light it up Blue by wearing blue apparel and using blue swim equipment.

(From Left to Right- Lifeguards Greg and Carl, Ms. Dawn, Ms., Alyssa, and Ms. Jess)