Teachers+Students=Facebook Friends?

By: Antonio De Castro

Pros and Cons

Being friends with your teachers on Facebook can have both positive and negative effects. By having teachers friend their students on Facebook, they are able to give out pieces of information to all of their students at any given time. Also, teachers would be able to share related Youtube videos to get them ready for the following week of school. Granted, not all students may have access to Facebook. Along with the pros to teachers friending their students on Facebook, their can also be many cons. Comments online are often taken out of context and can be misunderstood. If parents and students take classroom discussions the wrong way, they could be unintentionally damaging the classroom climate. Lastly, it is a time drain for a teacher to have to update classroom projects.

My Opinion

I believe that teachers should not be able to friend their students on Facebook! There are less pros than cons to having teachers as your Facebook friends and would not have that big of an effect on a class. Also, not all students would be able to communicate through Facebook because they are not allowed to have one. Lastly, depending on how someone can interpret a comment, teachers or even students could get in trouble. For these reasons, I believe that teachers and students should not be allowed to be Facebook friends. It is weird and creepy and should not occur.