As Flak Goes By

You must remember this
That flak don't always miss
And one of you may die.
The fundamental thing applies
As flak goes by---

And When the fighters come
You hope you're not the one
To tumble from the sky
The odds are always too damned high
As flak goes by---

110's and 210's knocking at your gate
Come on you jokers, come on kill that rate
And should a bomb hang, salvo don't wait
The targets passing by---

It's still the same old story
A tale that's too damned gory
Some brave men have to die
The odds are always high
As flak goes by.

- Anonymous


Flock of birds flying over a place.


When the flock goes by you alway ember they don't misinterpret a great formation.

When the fighters come you maybe be the one how is shot down.

When the 110s and 210s knock on your door be ready for them.

It's the same thing over and over it always glory brave men will die the odds are high when the flock goes by.


"Flak"- the brave pilots the fly for there country and make life daring sacrifices.


The attitude is that you half to be brave to fly in the flock because you could not be lucky in the end.


In the 3rd and 4th line

"That flak don't always miss And one of you may die".

It goes from the flock not miss to the flock may die in the process.

Title revisited

I think it is about bomber planes that fly in groups that are shot down by fighter planes on the other side.


I think the theme is the bravery of all the pilots of the war and all the risks they took.