Belridge Secondary ESC News

August 2022

From the Principals Desk

We are now at the halfway mark of Term 3 and hopefully some warmer weather is on the way. Winter has certainly been interesting this year with an incredible amount of rain and we are looking forward to some regular sunshine and warmer days.

The commencement of Term 3 has heralded the very welcome return of Workplace Learning programs, DFES activities and other Community based learning opportunities for our students. These learning opportunities are a much valued and integral component of our Senior School programs and are thoroughly enjoyed by all students.

There are many activities that are scheduled for the rest of the term including our annual Sports Carnival on Friday 2nd September as well as the highly anticipated Year 12 School Ball that was postponed from Term 1. Our Year 12's are looking forward to celebrating their years of schooling, with some glitz and glamour on Friday 9th September at Optus Stadium. The photos and highlights of their very special evening will be included in the next newsletter.

Every family would have received additional Rat tests in the last couple of weeks. We are continuing to see COVID cases within the school and there are COVID practices that are still in place and masks are encouraged in indoor public places where social distancing is not possible. Please continue to notify the school should your child become COVID positive or if they are considered a Close Contact.

Along with the challenges that we all experience with the COVID pandemic we are also seeing a variety of colds and viruses that impact both students and staff. If your child is unwell please do not send them to school as a protective measure to prevent the spread of infection. We understand that poor health and other medical conditions can at times affect your child's attendance and appreciate parents contacting us to inform us of the reason for your child' absence.

School Uniform

Parents are reminded of the need to follow the school uniform policy. The school uniform plays an important role in creating a sense of identity within the school community and also supports the inclusive nature of the two schools here at Belridge. Students are able to wear plain navy blue jumpers or jackets (NO hoodies) and tracksuit pants that DO NOT have any logos. School track suit jackets, pants and jumpers are also available to purchase from Uniform Concepts in Delage Street, Joondalup. Thank you for your support in following these school rules and please contact us if you require any further information.

IEP Meetings

Teachers have organised and held IEP meetings with Parents and Carers in all year levels in recent weeks. Following on from these meetings, a copy of your child’s IEP will be forwarded to you. It is important to remember that the IEP is not the extent of the program that your child participates in but are priorities identified in each learning area. If some IEP goals were not achieved in Semester One they will be carried over into Semester Two.

Planning for 2023

Students from Primary Schools and Education Support Centres will begin their transition program to prepare for secondary schooling. Our first transition visit will occur on Wednesday 31st August, 2022 and we are excited to meet all of our incoming students. There have been many enrolment enquiries and we are expecting to continue to receive more requests during the rest of the school year. We have two new transportable classrooms that are finally being installed in the coming weeks to assist us with some much needed classroom learning spaces.

Take care and keep warm in these final weeks of the term.

Jenine Wall


Important Dates

Term 3

Wednesday 24th August - Book Week Dress Up Day

Thursday 1st September - Footy Colours Day - more information to follow

Friday 2nd September - Whole School Athletics Carnival

Thursday 8th September - R U OK Day - more information to follow

Friday 9th September - Year 12 School Ball

Wednesday 21st September - Year 11 River Cruise - 6pm to 9pm - more information follow

Friday 23rd September - Last Day of Term 3

Term 4

Monday 10th October - First Day of Term 4

Monday 17th October - Year 7 Immunisations 2nd round

Thursday 27th October - Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Thursday 24th November - Market Day

Thursday 15th December - Last Day of Term 4 for students

Friday 16th December - Last Day of Term 4 for staff

Term 1

Wednesday 25th January - School Office reopens

Wednesday 1st February - First Day of Term 1 - students commence

Friday 24th February - Year 12 School Ball - Frasers Restaurant, Kings Park

Middle School News

Hello to all our Belridge SESC families. It's hard to believe that we are now halfway through the school year. The start of Term 3 saw all students returning to a busy routine of schoolwork. Our Year 7's have settled into the secondary schooling routine and it has been great to see so many newly formed friendships. We have some of our Year 7's spending their break times creating some masterpieces in Lego Club while others are spending time with friends playing totem tennis, scooting around on the scooter boards and/or spending time in the library having some quiet time.

Teachers have been doing a great job this term, meeting with parents to identify new IEP goals for Semester Two. Teachers have also ensured they are implementing appropriate strategies for individual students to ensure students are in the 'green zone' for learning. Being in the 'green zone' means our students are calm, focused, happy and ready to learn.

Middle school students are currently practicing for the upcoming Athletics Carnival to be held on Friday the 2nd of September. This is a much-loved event and it is great to see all of our students dressed up in their faction colours cheering each other on.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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Senior School News

A WHITE CARD Training course was held on the 4th of August in conjunction with Year 12 students from Belridge Secondary College. This course is a nationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction and anyone working on a building, construction or mine site (whether fully qualified, training or on work experience) must have a White Card. Once this qualification has been achieved it is valid for life.

Congratulations to the five Year 10 students who successfully achieved their White Card this term:

Riley Morgan

Darian Penketh

Adele Lawrance

Chrystal Hodgson

Marcus Meyer

It was reassuring to get feedback from the lecturer that our students really engaged with the course and gave valuable and relevant answers when completing the assessment.

I would also like to acknowledge Maddison Sharp from 12-2 who will be participating in the Special Olympics in Tasmania later this year. Maddi's sport is Swimming, and she spends many hours at training in preparation for this event. Maddi was also part of the Torch Relay and the Freezin for a Reason Law Enforcement Torch Plunge.

Gosh Maddi it looked ccoolllddd!

We look forward to following Maddi's journey as the event gets closer.

We have recommenced a number of programs in the Senior School - WPL, DFES excursions and Community Access. It has been difficult with the awful weather and employers being affected by COVID to get things off to a smooth start, but we are doing the best we can.

It is important to understand that if heavy rain, high winds and/or thunderstorms are forecast the Admin team need to consider the risk and make a decision to go or reschedule. Decisions are made with student safety as the key factor.

Our Beyond School evening has been postponed a number of times. Please be assured I am currently confirming presenters and participants for a Beyond School evening in early Term 4. This will be followed by workshops looking at options for students once they begin their lives as school leavers. There will be a separate workshop for Year 12 and Year 11 families. As soon as dates are confirmed I will send information home so you can set the dates aside.

Around this time each year I find the Year 12s start to see the reality that their time here at school is limited and they get a bit concerned. It is really important to have a strong plan for what will happen when school is not part of their daily routines. I would encourage Year 12 students to make connections outside of school that suits their aspirations and interests - join a local walking group, investigate what community groups operate in their area (the local council is a good starting point), engage with a service provider who can support with job seeking opportunities, or join a sporting group that interests them.

Please reassure your child (young person) that the staff are here to help them if they are feeling anxious. Just as they transitioned from Primary School to Secondary School, they will be able to do the transition to adult life successfully - it will just take some time to adjust to the new routines in their lives.

I am really looking forward to the Year 12 Ball and also the Year 11 River Cruise - it is destined to be a very sociable end to the term!!

Take care everyone, as always, I am available if you have any concerns about your child's journey here at Belridge. Contact me at:

Wendy Hughes

Deputy Principal

Senior School

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Staff Development Day

Belridge SESC recently came together as part of our whole school staff development day to engage in some professional learning across three main priority areas: Achieving Numeracy Outcomes for Students, Manual Handling and Staff Health and Wellbeing.

As part of our 'Numeracy PL' we had Paul Swan join us alongside our numeracy coordinator Lauren Thompson in engaging staff in a number of numeracy activities that focused on staff becoming knowledgeable and creative in their ability to modify and adjust mathematical content and activities in order to improve student outcomes.

Throughout the day our Education Assistants took part in 'Manual Handling' professional learning. This particular session teaches and supports employees to practice safe manual handling in the workplace. The content of the information teaches staff how to assess the risks associated with manual handling tasks, perform the tasks to avoid injury, and report manual handling risks appropriately.

Throughout the day, we also ran two sessions that focused on 'Staff Health and Wellbeing'. Session one focussed on stress management, self-care and wellbeing while session two focussed on mindfulness, meditation, self-check in, stretching and breathing techniques. We are thankful to 'Myall Wellbeing' ( for taking us on a journey of discovery that provided us with wellbeing strategies to implement for not only ourselves but also the students we support each and every day.

Shayne Hutchings

Deputy Principal

Middle School

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The students have started the term off by using The Commonwealth Games to help their learning. They have been practicing counting the number of Australian flags/competitors in different events and recognising the colours of different countries' flags. Each class member shared what they like most about The Commonwealth Games; either verbally, or using AAC. They were very happy to be a part of another Belridge newsletter. So let's hear from our wonderful 7-1 students:

Jack: "Aussies win! I counted all the Australian Flags".

Ellie: "I liked watching the ribbon gymnastics and waving the Australian flag".


Tristan: "I liked the ribbon gymnastics and watching all the flips. I liked watching the Para swimming and seeing people with one arm swimming fast".

David: "I liked the diving and waving the Australian flag".

Zander: "I liked different sports. I made an Australian Flag."

Isabelle: "I liked watching the diving just like in Mr Bean. I saw people in wheelchairs doing weightlifting".

The students have all enjoyed being involved with The Commonwealth Games, with many cheers and chants. The staff of 7-1 have enjoyed being a part of the students Commonwealth Games learning.

From Team 7-1

Crystal Thompson

7-1 Teacher

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Welcome to Term 3!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Yesra and I am the teacher for class 7-2. I would also like to welcome Mrs Pamela Blackie who has joined our class team this term.

Our class has made a fantastic start to the term. Our students are adjusting well with the changes in the English and Maths routines, as well as enjoying Buddy Class on Wednesday afternoons with Miss Thompsons 7-1 class.

During HASS, the students are learning about the ancient worlds and historical timeline which includes the significant events in the Australian history. To help reinforce what we are learning in class this semester our class will be visiting the library once a week where they can pick out historical books.

In Science this semester, our class will focus on Chemistry. With great fun, we have been experimenting with various chemical mixtures, including fun techniques to separate chemicals.

Our class has also started to get ready for the school's Sports Carnival coming up this September! A huge thank-you to Mr Moore, our wonderful EA, for organising the sports activities!

We are looking forward to a busy and brilliant term with many more fun learning experiences that we will share with you!

Yesra Mnahi

7-2 Teacher

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Year 7-3 are looking forward to Book Week and dress up day on Wednesday 24th August and busily completing their entries into the "Dreaming with wide eyes open ..." art competition, based on the theme of this year's celebrations. There is a book prize for the creator of the winning entry from each classroom.

Solutions and mixtures are the focus of our science lesson this term. Students are conducting experiments to investigate the solubility of substances, how to make saturated solutions, separate the solute from the solvent and will grow some crystals. Photos of some of our experiments are featured here.

"All roads lead to Rome", this term, as we study ancient civilisations, specifically Ancient Rome. The social structures, government, technology, art, foods, and daily life of the Romans will be studied and this will be culminated with a Roman feast at the end of the term. Students, based on their research, will try some of the common foods of the time, dress-up in togas and replicate some of the dining traditions of the time. A note will be sent home closer to the time of this event.

It is, as always, a busy term and hopefully we will have a lot of fun along the way.

Pauline Egan

7-3 Teacher

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We have been working hard in class on all our learning goals in each of our subjects.

In English we follow a routine of activities including spelling, sentences and reading. Some students access the Multilit program and are making great progress. We do specific word activities which are helping with our sentence work. Our Maths sessions consist of a combination of games and a rotation of Maths activities. The students love a combination working with the teachers and doing hands on activities such as puzzles and games.

The students have made amazing things in Design & Technology and are beginning to work on items for Market Day.

Cooking is a yummy middle of the day session. The students have made toasted sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, pizza and rainbow rice.

One of our favourite lessons is dancing. This term we started dancing with a new teacher and the students love her sessions. They warm up then do activities such as balancing, scarf dancing and hoop walking.

Ms Carlyon, Miss Mann, Ms Cren, Mrs Fryer and Mr Newman

Helen Carlyon

8-1 Teacher

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This term, we have begun using our "Bond Blocks' program during our Maths sessions. The students are loving it! We have also been focusing on place value using the MAB blocks and participating in all sorts of small group rotations to ensure students are fully engaged and learning through the use of hands-on materials. As well as this, students have been enjoying working on their Mathletics program and gaining their 1000 points to earn certificates! Huge well done to all students on their continuous efforts within this learning area.

As shown, students got to make a wonderful class castle during their HASS lesson which focused on knights and medieval times. Students got really creative with this one and used plenty of artistic materials.

In Science, students have been working on Chemistry and looking at different chemical reactions through hands-on experiments. Very enjoyable for a Friday afternoon!

Well done to 8-2 for all of their ongoing hard work. You are superstars 😊

Keira Savin

8-2 Teacher

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WOW! Term Three is flying by and it is hard to believe that we are half way through the term. The class has settled back into routine and a big thank you to Mr AJ McCulloch, Mrs Barb Culshaw and the amazing relief teachers for supporting the students over the two weeks that I was working in the office. It was lovely to see all of the students focused on their work tasks when I visited the classroom.

In D&T with Mr Orr, the class has polished their beautiful pens and many are now using within the classroom. They have done a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing their next completed tasks. In Home Economics, the students are continuing to prepare a different meal each week. We have created a table in a word document with the Term Three menu to bring home and display on the fridge.

In Health this term, we are focusing on Resilience. Over the past few weeks, we have explored the Catastrophe Scale, Optimistic versus Pessimistic thinking and how everyone can have a bad day sometimes.

We are looking forward to the various events that are coming up this term such as Book Week Dress Up Day and the School Athletics Carnival. For Digital Technology, students will be creating a table of Important Events to bring home and use as a reminder for these days.

Lauren Thompson

8-3 Teacher

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9-1 has had a fantastic start to the Semester.

We were very impressed with our new classroom. Over the school holiday break our classroom had an upgrade with a wall being removed making it twice as big! This has been a great help on the rainy days when we have been stuck inside as there is plenty of room for us to complete a dance work out or yoga routine or a planking contest.

We have also enjoyed having all our peers in class. Everyone's attendance has been amazing this term.

Ms Jordan has begun teaching us a new song to AUSLAN sign. Mrs Reuben has been supporting our independence and helping us achieve our individual goals. Mrs Curran has worked hard with each of us, assisting our progress in our Multilit and comprehension programs.

We have all had a happy and successful start to the term.

Chloe Jordan

9-1 Teacher

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Term three has got off to a great start with the students working well across all areas of the curriculum.

In Art the students have been making flower collages. Part of this project has involved sewing and ironing materials onto a canvas.

In English, the students are reading their new class novel, 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'. They are enjoying reading about the further exploits of Harry, and happily discuss the storyline and predict what will happen next!

The students are working hard to improve their soccer and basketball skills during Physical Education lessons, and are also preparing for the upcoming Belridge Athletics Carnival in September.

The class thoroughly enjoyed following the recent Commonwealth Games. Students researched a Commonwealth country of their choice, as well as a sport and an athlete from the Games.

Please feel free to contact me at school anytime. My email address is

Stephen McMahon

9-2 Teacher

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Semester 2 is here already and we are having lots of new learning journeys and adventures.

We have been lucky enough to have had a new interactive whiteboard installed in our classroom and the boys have been taking advantage of the learning opportunities that this has given us.

We have been busy creating art and crafts for Market Day next term. The boys have been rolling clay, imprinting them with leaves, painting bags and coasters and generally having a fun and messy time.

High Flyers has started this term, and as expected, has been a huge hit. I marvel at the heights that the boys reach on the trampolines.

We have restarted cooking classes, where we walk over to Coles to buy the ingredients needed and then prepare the food. Jam sandwiches have been made and consumed. YUM!

Tracy Buckley

MAG 1 Teacher

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This term MAG 2 have commenced their Community Access program with weekly visits to High Flyers. The students enjoy engaging in highly physical activities that extend what they participate in here at school.

Mrs Vales has been on leave for a couple of weeks this term and Mr Jim Barber has replaced her in the classroom. Thank you Mr Barber for looking after the class so well whilst Mrs Vales has been away.


We have had a great start to Term 3! DFES is back up and running and the students are really pleased about that. Students enjoyed the First Aid incursion where they got to learn and put into practice some skills necessary for helping themselves and others.

Our DFES excursion out to the Fremantle Sea Rescue was certainly an enjoyable one, which we got to share with with Mr Malloy's Year 10 class. Students learnt about the team of volunteers and the work that they do, such as, around the clock vessel assistance, radio coverage and safety awareness. The view from the tower was certainly a highlight, and despite the weather rolling in, we timed the walk outside with precision. All students participated with enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

In English, the students are reading 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl. They enjoy reading together, discussing the characters traits, and making predictions for what may happen next.

In Science we have been fortunate to get outside where possible to have a hands-on approach, learning about factors that affect force.

In D&T, student's have just finished making a footstool to use in the class (I was very impressed with these!) and they have also made some dominos, which we are looking forward to using in Maths.

While this term proves to be a busy Term, it is so nice to see the students looking forward to Book Week and the Athletics Carnival. They have been practicing the athletic events with Mr Pantelis and are doing a wonderful job!

Please feel free to contact me anytime, my email address is or John (Wednesday's)

Iffah Doyle

10-1 Teacher

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It is Term Three. Cold weather and a whole lot of rain cannot stop 10-2 class from being anything but amazing. From their great conversations about the economy to their impressive scientific endeavours in Earth and Space Sciences and their wonderful efforts in woodwork.

Here is an update from roving reporter Marcus on our incursion and excursion.

"A lady from St Johns came to talk about first aid to our class. She asked the class about DRSABCD and what the letters mean and talked about situations involving first aid. We did the first aid roleplay and did compressions on a dummy/fake body. Mr Malloy said that first aid is important to know because you might have to help someone one day and you don't know when an accident could happen. One of the things that the lady said was your safety comes first before the person on the ground".

D = Danger R - Rescue S = Send A = Airways B = Breathing c = CPR D = Defribillator

"The 10-2 class went on an excursion on Monday 9th August, 2022 to Fremantle Sea Rescue (Headquarters/lookout). The presenter talked about stories of rescue missions, when it gets busy and where the boats go. She also showed people the upper level of the location where the computers, mics and people were that reported or listened to any incidents or what was currently happening. We walked around the outside of the tower/building it had a great view. The students enjoyed the day, and we learnt some interesting facts".

Thanks, Marcus, for your great work.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the students who participated in their White Card training (General Construction Induction Course). I was greatly impressed by the student's dedication, great work ethic, impressive questions and positive attitude. A big congratulations to Adele, Darian and Marcus for their marvellous achievement.

Thanks Team 10-2

Simon Malloy

10-2 Teacher

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Year 11-1 were very excited to start their Workplace Learning placements this term.

Alex and Amber are at Good Samaritans in Butler, Ciara and Murphy at Vinnies in Joondalup, Jessica at the Post Office in Joondalup and Theo assisting Coastal Care at Mullaloo Beach.

Alex and Amber had a great task to pick clothes and dress the mannequins in the shop at Good Samaritans in Butler.

Murphy likes sorting shoes in the shop. Ciara stays on task all the time and loves sorting hangers and clothes according to colours.

Jessica with another student in Year 11 works as a team to put the pamphlets in order at the Post Office.

Theo enjoys weeding, digging and planting for Coastal Care at Mullaloo Beach with the students in 11-2 class.

Everyone participated in the First Aid incursion by St John Ambulance. Year 11-1 students talked about what is an emergency, how to ring 000 and what to do including CPR. Every student received a certificate of completion.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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Term 3 has started on a high note with the class. After a well-deserved break 11-2 students are once again ready to work.

They have really come out of their shells this term as demonstrated by the discussions that can be heard each day. Students continue to support each other in class, social and practical tasks. Some help others with spelling, maths problems or answering questions on particular tasks, They are all keen to help each other out.

Students have continued learning about the workplace, They created a survey on desirable work skills which they distributed to staff and then analysed. Resumes have been edited to include WPL and students are currently working on a debate on self-employment vs employment. Students have been practicing their interview skills by interviewing staff members.

Students are doing well at Workplace Learning this term, they have shown focus, determination, resilience and respect at their different workplaces.

During DFES students have been learning about fire safety and hazards and are looking forward to the DFES excursions occurring this Semester. Due to the weather, students have been learning about plants and food and working outside when the weather permits.

Students also created an amazing video for their assembly in which they showcased what they have been learning.

For PSHE students have been working hard creating a podcast on personal hygiene and a self-help guide in maintaining positive wellbeing. For business, students have been finishing up their ASDAN portfolio and brainstorming new ideas for Market Day.

I look forward to another great term with the 11-2 stars!

11-2 Team - Sharon Mandoreba, Josh Miller, Kristian Partridge, Jade Mountjoy

Sharon Mandoreba

11-2 Teacher

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The second half of the year has started well for all in the 11-3 class. It has been a busy couple of weeks and the students have worked hard to complete everything that has been thrown at them.

In their Certificate II course, all students are pressing on with developing their barista skills. In class, students have just completed another unit of work, where they learned how to and the importance of writing routine workplace text. Here, students needed to read workplace scenario, consider the issues that were present and create a mock-memo to send to their staff, addressing the issues raised. In their second assessment, students read a job advertisement and needed to draft, create and finalise a cover letter, applying for the position. It was important that students tailored their skills, experiences and attributes to the position's requirements. This has assisted them to develop their functional literacy skills also. Next, students will be working through their second Numeracy unit.

For ASDAN - Enterprise Short Course, students are near to completing their fourth module of work. This term, we are in the thick of planning, promoting and developing our business ideas in preparation for next term's Market Day celebrations. Students have needed to consider the different company sectors, the purpose of the business, a customer profile and a viable financial structure.

For Health and Protective Behaviours, we will be looking into a selection of important topics that have been identified by the students as topics of interest. These will include sexual consent, the law, partying safe, hygiene, drugs, alcohol and relationships.

On Wednesdays, Workplace Learning has commenced with all students attending a workplace in the community. I am pleased to say that all students have started their workplace well and are demonstrating work skills that will hold them in good stead for the future. Upon returning to school, students are completing their logbooks, reflection sheets and goal setting tasks, as per their ADWPL requirements.

Away from the classroom, students have continued to enjoy bike riding and engaging in soccer matches at recess and lunch. Furthermore, students have been working hard in their school garden to supplement their Certificate I course via TAFE. Feedback from the TAFE lecturer is that all students are performing well and are on track for full completion at the end of the year.

So as always, it has been a busy opening few weeks of Term 3. Keep up the hard work!

Tom Cann

11-3 Teacher


The class has started the last semester of high school well with lots of exciting things happening. Students have started their WPL placements and are happily heading off to work every Tuesday.

DFES is back up and running and we had an informative day at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre learning about Deadly and Dangerous animals of Australia. We were blessed with beautiful weather for our bush walk. So lucky! Students were very brave when it came to the close encounter with lizards and snakes. Everyone touched or held the reptiles and learnt many interesting facts about each animal. We look forward to learning more interesting things through our DFES course.

The Year 12 Garden is progressing well. Students have prepared the area, clearing weeds and levelling the soil. We then had the TuckerBush people come in to help and educate us planting our Indigenous garden. These plants will provide indigenous ingredients for recipes to be cooked during Meal Preparation and Cobra Cafe.

Another exciting project 12-1 has started is learning how to use tools to create something of use. Students have used hammers, sanders, cordless drills and screws to start turning an old pallet into an upright garden bed. All students have thoroughly enjoyed using and learning about the tools with Mr Nethercott.

We are powering towards the end of our ASDAN modules which will be internally moderated in Week 6 and externally/state moderated in Week 8.

It is great to see students starting to show a greater level of maturity and showing their initiative when familiar tasks are required. Well done!

We are all looking forward to the Ball in Week 8 at Optus Stadium.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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Term 3 has started as our busiest so far for the 12-2 class. Students have stated their Workplace Learning on Tuesdays going to a variety of placements including IKEA, SuperCheap Auto, Coles, City of Stirling Nursery and TrenTech Automotives. Students are enjoying contributing to the workplace and putting into action many of the skills they have learnt through IVET and ASDAN Short Courses in the classroom.

Students are working hard to complete their ASDAN PSHE Short Course this term. Topics have included self-employment; effects of alcohol on emotional health; understanding how to rent accommodation as a group and the moral responsibilities and legal consequences of seeking consent. Many of these topics involve detailed content that is essential for the students as they move into the adult world next year. I have been very impressed with the student's ability to discuss the topics and ask questions in a sensible and mature way. We are also completing a module on first aid, which we have been able to incorporate into our DFES studies.

This term the focus for DFES is first aid and in Week 2 we attended our first excursion to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre led by Mr Vandenbroeke and Mrs Bond. The focus was on recognition of deadly and dangerous animals and reptiles of the WA bush environment. Students then practised their first aid skills in a simulated emergency setting with specific attention to snake bites.

Sarah Hobson

12-2 Teacher

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Ocean Heroes - Surfing on the Spectrum

Ocean Heroes is a NFP organisation who aim to improve the wellbeing of those on the autism spectrum and their families through surfing. Ocean Heroes is well established in WA and has taken nearly 6000 people living with autism surfing since they started in 2016. Check out their website and youtube channel to see exactly what they do.

Ocean Heroes can help students on the autism spectrum and with other neurodevelopmental disabilities access the ocean safely, learn new skills and have fun doing so. All of their coaches are highly experienced working with people with disabilities, qualified in water safety and have their Working with Children Check.

Ocean Heroes provide all equipment including surfboards, wetsuits and lifejackets. Each student is paired with a coach 1:1 and provided with the support they need to succeed.
Each session is tailored to the specific needs of each student.

The Surf Experience program is based at Leighton Beach from April through to November and Scarborough Beach from November through to April. Sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes and cater for up to 5 students. The cost of the program depends on how many students participate.

1 student:$100/$120 per student

2 students: $90/$110

3 students:$80/$100

4 students:$75/$95

5 students:$65/$85

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