What's New in Grade 2

April 2015

April 2015

April 1 Kindness Day - Wear your Rachel's Challenge shirt

April 3 Bad Weather Make-Up Day - We DO have school

April 8 Team Day

April 15 Hippie Day

April 16 2nd Grade Program

April 18 Rachel's Challenge Fun Run and Community Event

April 20-22 STARR Days - Close Campus (no visitors)

April 28 Field Trip to Casa Manana

April 29 Hike & Bike

Language Arts

*Spelling - 'Hat Trick' prefixes un- and re- and Vowel Digraph /oo/ such as hook and moon

*Writing - I can write a friendly letter to thank someone or explain something. I can revise to make my ideas clearer.

*Reading - I can use text features to preview text and develop questions that set a purpose for reading. I can apply previewing strategies to media literacy.

Social Studies

*How do leaders impact the community? We will study various historical figures and explain their impact using products, including timelines.



*Animals and Environments



Practice for Home

*Listen to your child read at home. Have your child reread their books to improve fluency.

*Have your child pay for you at the store or at dinner. Have your child figure out the amount of change you should receive.

*Create a timeline of events in your child's day. Use an analog clock to check the times on the timeline.

*Have your child practice measurement skills by using a ruler, yard stick or tape measure. Pick 5 things to measure in inches, feet, yards and centimeters.

*Find fractions when eating, such as: You ate 3 out of 6 crackers. You ate one half of your sandwich. You ate 2 out of 8 pieces of pizza, which is two-eighths of the pizza.

Second Grade Teachers

You can support your child's teacher/s by volunteering time to work with children, help in the teacher workroom, sign up to be a WATCH D.O.G. or fill supply needs of the classroom. We appreciate your support!