Eden Prairie's Imprint

Tidbits about Culturally Relevant Teaching & Responsiveness

The Purpose & Name

Eden Prairie's Imprint is an exclusive newsletter dedicated to the new teachers in Eden Prairie Schools. Our focus is on sharing best practice around culturally responsive pedagogy and highlighting our new teachers/staff in an effort to create community and interconnectedness. We recognize the 'imprint' you are making with the hard work and dedication you bring to our school district. If you are interested in contributing to this bi-weekly newsletter, please contact Stephanie Baker, District Q Comp Coordinator/Instructional Coach. Let's make an impression on one another in 2016!

Continuous Learning Together

On Thursday, January 14, new teachers/staff gathered together in the Lakeside Lab for our second continuous learning session. After a long day at work, staff dedicated 2 hours to engage and learn about The Will to Lead, The Skill to Teach (Anthony Muhammad & Sharroky Hollie) and Culturally & Linguistic Responsive Teaching and Learning (Sharroky Hollie). The most important learning and knowledge comes from sharing our collective perspectives. Thanks for an inspiring night.

Article of Interest: Educate to Liberate

This article is from Edutopia, one of my favorite educational websites by the George Lucas Foundation for Education. The author is Joshua Block, a Humanities teacher who is passionate about creating transformative experiences for students. As we talked about at Thursday's Continuous Learning Session for New Staff/Teachers, we have the professional responsibility to analyze and deconstruct how our own identity was formed based on each and every experience and person in our lives. "It is impossible to teach honestly and reflectively without a clear understanding about the social construction of identity" (J.Block, January 12, 2016).

Educate to Liberate: Build an Anti-Racist Classroom, Edutopia, January 12, 2015

New Teacher/Staff Continuous Learning Session III

Thursday, March 10th, 4-6pm

Eden Prairie High School - Lakeside Lab

New Teacher/Staff Continuous Learning Session IV

Thursday, April 14th, 4-6pm

Eden Prairie High School - Lakeside Lab

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Cultural Tree

This "tree" will grow by contributions, quotes, images, short inspirational moments --- please send these to Stephanie Baker to add to the tree.

"Our Lives Begin to End the Day we Become Silent about Things that Matter" ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.