Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions

By Kayla Thorne

How are mixed numbers and improper fractions alike?

They are alike because you can switch them back and forth.

How do you change a improper fraction into a mixed number?

If your improper fraction is 25/3 then you say how many threes can you get out of twenty-five?The answer is eight.So eight is your whole number.How many more do you ned to get twenty-five?The answer is one.One is now your numerator.You keep the three.It is still your denominator.Now you have a mixed number.It is 8 1/3.

How do you change a mixed number into a improper fraction?

First you multiply your whole number with your denominator.Then you add your numerator with the whole number and your denominator multiplied.Whatever the answer is for that is your numerator.You keep your denominator.