Semester Two, We're Coming For You!

Second Semester Updates - NNBD

Welcome Back North Nation by Design!

As we move into 2nd semester we want to keep everyone updated on a few new and exciting changes.

Theme for 2nd semester: What Makes Who I Am?

SEMINARS ~ These are short units over a specific content topic. Using the theme "What Makes Me Who I Am?", each content will be using the specific NNBD skills to teach through their content. This is really going to allow for more students agency. In turn, we hope that they students are more invested in their learning. Students were asked last week to pick their top two topics(everyone got their first picks), and then we started seminars this week 1/11. Here's what we're learning about:

Biology - Have you ever wondered what instructs your body to create everything in it and to do everything it needs to do to stay alive? Have you ever wondered what makes you different from your parents, siblings, or even your friends? In this seminar you will be investigating DNA (Nucleic Acid) and its importance in making you who you are. We will look at the structure, function, and the importance of this molecule in an effort to understand how people can be so similar, yet so different at the same time!

ELA - In our ELA "Writing is an Outlet" Seminar, we are exploring aspects of our identity and practicing expressing our identity through writing.

This week we've read a short story by author David Sedaris and a variety of lyrical poetry to see how "the experts" express their identities through their writing.

Students are practicing this through their own writing for at least ten minutes every session. Eventually, they will turn one of these practices into a final, polished product.

American History - Have you ever heard someone being described as "a self made man" or that someone has "pulled themself up by their bootstraps"? These two phrases describe the idea and spirit of the American West. In this seminar you will be investigating the impact of the spirit of individualism that led to the expansion of our nation.


Students learned this week that they will be enrolling for sophomore classes on February 18/19th. Over the next few weeks, we will be taking time in our homeroom flextime, to share the course catalog and discuss offerings. Please make sure that you are having conversations with your student about what they want their future to look like.

It is important to note that there will be several classes offered online during summer school that are not just for regaining credits. You could take health and personal finance online to get those credits and you wouldn't have to take them during the regular school year.

We were also told that NNBD WILL be rolling up to 10th grade!!! The current team of teachers will be staying at the 9th grade level, but we are recruiting phenomenal teachers to work with these students as sophomores!

If you haven't had the chance please watch (and share) the NNBD recruitment video that was shared on Monday 1/11 to 8th graders.

You can find the information regarding enrollment on the Counselor's Tab on the LNHS Website. We have provided a link below!


North Nation by Design Promo Video 20-21

Goal Setting:

In our homerooms, we have been working on Goal Setting with each student. Your student is working on setting a goal that is attainable for them this semester. We will be sending home weekly reflection sheets. We'd love for you to look it over and sign it! Thank you for helping us with this!

Important Upcoming Dates:

1/18 - NO School MLK Day

1/25-29 - Diversity Festival Virtually

2/12 and 2/15 - NO School

2/18-19 - 10th grade Enrollment