Week of September 14th

LA Staff News

Upcoming Dates to Note

Monday: A group F2F

Tri-County Therapist assigned to LA will be here starting today.

Tuesday: B group F2f

Wednesday: A group 8:20-11:20; B group 11:50-2:50

Thursday: A group F2F

Friday: B group F2F

Upcoming Dates to Note:

23: Safe Schools Due

24: MOCSA: Sexual Harassment 10 AM (VIRTUAL)

29: MN-Principals' Meeting

District Video Guidelines

Staff/Student Video Guidelines: The guidelines used in the spring have been updated. Please access via this link .

We want to make sure everyone is SAFE when using Zoom!

Some items to note:

General Application Setup and Meeting Expectations

  • Staff members using Zoom must use a District account. If you do not have a District account view this tutorial.

  • Meetings should be setup to utilize the Waiting Room feature to prevent unwanted participants.

  • Private chat should be disabled.

  • Be familiar with the other basic controls of Zoom meetings.

When creating meetings, do not require authorized users. Any student can join a Zoom meeting but only high school students are allowed to create accounts with their District email address.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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COVID Protocols

Reminder: ANY positive tests need to be reported to Melissa or Justin. And, to clarify, CLOSE CONTACTS of a CLOSE CONTACT do not quarantine!

Not bad for a first week with lots of restrictions. We just need to work on our upstairs south spaces to stay within the restrictions. This is more difficult to manage due to the open spaces and square footage. Also, a reminder for staff--PLEASE, get in the habit of sticking your arms out to make sure we are 6' apart. The fastest way to send us all virtual is through CLOSE CONTACTS. We just need to do our best to wear the masks, social distance, clean up, and this will help us stay in school longer! We've got this!

Accessing COVID Resources:

An Inside Page has been created for LPS Staff to access COVID resources:

Please utilize this site: https://www.lps53.org/domain/5901

Social Emotional Learning

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The Neighborhood

Please, WATCH the video above.

Whether you watched this growing up or not, when I watched this clip it made me realize how much this show focused on social-emotional learning. We didn't know that though, did we??!! That's our goal at LA--make the work a natural part of who we are. Yes, I love how you've been clever with the ties to PE and ELA; I think that's great! However, as we were talking about it we'd also like to add some of those pieces to further the work--the good stuff that doesn't feel like it's school. SO, as you come across things that serve our greater SEL purpose but feels more like things we do in life, PLEASE share them with me. We will find a place for them to "FIT" in our sequence! Specifically, we are looking for games, quotes, hands-on activities/simulations/role playing, movies (or clips), graphics, etc. Example: Last year we used the movie "Inside Out". This is a perfect example, and we can learn from it whether we have watched it once or 100 times (and yes, we should use it again). Some of these would be great activities for virtual days, too!
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Example from Growth Mindset to Support Self-Discipline

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Fundraiser for Liberty Academy

WHOA! Lisa has been listing those things we lost love for, and she has raised $610 so far!! Our goal was for EVERY staff member to bring in at least ONE item for Lisa to sell in September. Open those closets and look under the beds! This has been our best fundraiser to date!! (And now we know the extent of Lisa's Ninja Resale Skills!)

1. Bring in something for Lisa to sell in the month of September! Lisa sent an email with HOT SELLERS but don't be afraid to bring something or ask her about a particular item you would be willing to donate! ALL proceeds go to Liberty Academy! This will be a great way to grab something off of Marketplace or similar!

2. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our Amazon Wish List!! You can ADD to our wish list (tell Debi what you want) or just share it via social media for others who may be willing to help out Liberty Academy! It helps to include a blurb about our school! https://a.co/6CiwXlM Or, just share it directly from our Twitter or Facebook pages.