Giving You the "EDJe" in BowTie Accessories

A new kind of bowtie

Bowties By EDJ is a unique, handcrafted bowtie line designed by fashion guru, Edmond "Donte" James.

If you're looking for a different kind of bowtie for your wardrobe, then you're shopping at the right place. Bowties By EDJ was created for the confident man who likes to be recognized for his cutting EDJe (edge) style. These are not your typical bowties.
The freestyle designs are 2-in-1 which allows the
fashion-forward man to design his own look.

Bowties By EDJ gives you the EDJe in bowtie accessories.

Our unique bowties

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BowTies by EDJ are only sold online. Please visit our shop often as we are constantly adding new designs and sizes to our exclusive bowtie collection:

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