The Industrial North

The Norths growth in the 1800s

The Industrial Transportation

In the 1800s, the industrial transportation was very limited. There were railroads, water roads, and regular roads. They needed these transportation sources to transport material and finished goods. The cheapest form of transportation for heavy metal in the 1800s was by water. Transportation was very important because many people started to live in the west. Since water roads were the cheapest, it lead to widening canals.

The Manufacturing Industry

In the 1800s, the manufacturing industry was barely starting. The first spinning machine started becoming popular in the early 1800s. Later on, the spinning machine was in many factories. Many factory workers used this machine. Overtime, many changes were made in the factories. Many new machines were added and improved overtime.

Factory Working Conditions

In the 1800s, the factory working conditions were all that good. It was very dirty and crowded. Many workers choose not to complain so they could keep getting paid. Because of the conditions in the factories many workers got injuried or passed away. It wasn't 100% safe to work in a factory in the 1800s. You had to take many precautions.