watch the new Cyber Bullying movie now!

Cyber Bullying movie out now!!

Kidscape is trying to put a stop to cyber bullying, so they decided to create a movie to get the message out... LOUD and CLEAR!!!

Do your part...

The money YOU pay to see the movie will all go to Kidscape to help prevent Cyber Bullying, because everyone should know that Cyber Bullying IS bullying!!!


Watch the movie, The money is going to a good cause, and the movie may even get you thinking! Visit the website provided to learn more about Cyber Bullying - The causes and effects and why it is so important to stop it:

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Movie Starring: Filmed on location:

Keeley Hughes Cheltenham Bournside School

Eddie Maddocks

Ben Stuart

Tamzing Richards

Filmed on location:

Cheltenham Bournside School