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Younger by a healthy lifestyle

Younger by a healthy lifestyle
By using photographs of the face and a print of the inside of the upper arms, the researchers have found that people from long-lived families have a younger skin.

"There are facial photographs taken to determine the approximate age, and there is a wrinkle core prepared by using. Replicas of the upper arms the inside of

your upper arm usually gets little sunlight. In the photos, the men of the long-lived families were estimated on average 1.4 years younger. Both men and

women from long-lived families had a longer wrinkles core. "
Younger by a healthy lifestyle
Also, the study shows that people who have a lower risk of heart disease look younger. "We looked at the values of blood pressure, smoking, sex, age and

cholesterol. This creates a risk profile, which indicates that, the health of your heart and blood vessels. "
"After we had divided the people based on the cardiovascular risk profile in three groups we examined whether this profile is affecting your appearance. In

the pictures of people in the group with the lowest risk were estimated to average two years younger than those in the group with the highest risk. In women, joey atlas scam

this difference was due to lower blood pressure”
A healthy lifestyle is paying also in your appearance -. A win-win situation!
Less stress and get enough sleep
What you can do to look younger, according to the researcher yourself? "It is especially important to move enough to eat healthy, stress well to go and get it. Enough sleep Stop smoking and eat less salt for a healthy blood pressure. "