The Red Scare

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- Loyalty Review Board:The Loyalty Review Board was formed in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman. Loyalty Boards were formed in response to Americans' fears that there were Communists operating within the US government. Federal employees accused of disloyalty were able to appeal through the Loyalty Review Board.

- House Committee on Un-American Activity: it was istablished in 1938 to investigate fascist groups in the united states

- Hollywood Ten: writers or film directors that went to jail rather then answer HAUC's questions

- Alger Hiss: he was a former member of the communist party and was accused of being a communist spy

- Julius & Ethel Rosenberg: they provided energy to the soviet union and secrets too

- Senator McCarthy and his tactics: he was trying to get people to lose there jobs and was a security risk

- Declaration of Conscience: was not much of a good plan

- Army-McCarthy hearings: they didn't like what he was doing and he was not doing so well

- Describe the Cold War attitudes and feelings

at home in America: It was waged mostly on political and philosophical differences between the two nations. They had satellite nations and friendly nations. The soviets controlled a lot of the areas.