Horizon Report

The inside scoop

What is it?

The horizon report is a research effort that's goal is to describe emerging technologies likely to have considerable impact on teaching, learning, and creative expression within higher education over three time horizons .

why is it important?

It is important so that people will be aware of new technology and the advancement of education.

How it is used

A international panel of considerable expertise considers a wide variety of trends,challenges, and technology. They examine each of them in extensive detail, and reduce the set until they have the final trends, challenges and technology. The horizon report takes place online in the wiki. The wiki is supposed to be a window into the work of the project. Not only does it provide a real-time view of the process as it is in the works, but it also keeps the records of the processes.


BYOD means bring your own device. The point of BYOD is to reduce costs and increase productivity.
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A makerspace also known as hackerspaces is a place where people go to create, learn and invent. There often found in libraries where they have 3D printers, eletronics, software, crafts, supplies, and tools.
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3D printing

Its a process for making a physical 3 dimensional object. 3D printing is used to see how an idea or project would work out before actually making it. Its like a prototype to the actual product.
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Adaptive Learning Technologies

So what is it exactly? well adaptive learning technology is the notion that technology can improve educational outcomes. It is used to help teachers with their lesson plans and students are more focused with the work in front of them.
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Digital Badges

Digital Badges are rewards of skill and accomplishment that can be earned in different learning environments. How do they work? well once a student meets the requirements to earn the badge such as turns in their work on time, etc . the student gets the badge and attaches it to their backpack.
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Wearable Technology

What is it?

Wearable technology are technological devices that can be worn on your person.

How is it used?

Its used for healthcare, diet management,car insurance,police and security etc.

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Infographic Design

Info-graphic design is a representation of info in a graphic design format. Its used for explaining how things work in interesting ways.
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